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  1. Most famous/well known cities?

    I'm talking about cities with architectural landmarks that are known around the world. You just have to take one look at the building and you know exactly what city it comes from. For me, I'd say 1. New York (Statue of Liberty) 2. Paris (Eiffel Tower) 3. London (Big Ben) 4. Rome (Colloseum) 5...
  2. [Skandynawia] Malmö by Skania

    >>Malmö<< źródło: Bardzo dużo informacji o Malmö w języku polskim można znaleźć na tej stronie: ^^ >>Moje Malmö<< Zapraszam do oglądania i komentowania moich zdjęć z miasta, w którym przyszło mi żyć od 2003 roku. Jestem tylko...
  3. Malmö on April 27th!

    Hey guyzzz! :cool: So, as I said before, I also went to Malmö on my trip to Copenhagen. I really liked the city and, honestly, I didn't think it was that nice. It's probably the only European city in which, IMO, the modern part outstands the old center. Not that the old town is ugly, but the...
  4. GUANGZHOU | Canton Tower | 604m | 1982ft | 37 fl | Com

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    October 29th
  5. Turning Torso l MALMÖ l 190m l 55fl

    Europe and Africa
    Turning Torso Malmö, Sweden HEIGHT: 190m/ 623 feet FLOORS: 55 floors COMPLETION: 2005 ARCHITECT: Santiago Calatrava Turning Torso is the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia, located in the old industrial harbour-area Västra Hamnen (The Western Harbour) in Malmö. The building is turning 90...
  6. Ultimas imágenes del Turning Torso de Calatrava en Malmö (Suecia)

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