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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Uganda Uganda, oficialmente República de Uganda (pt-BR) ou do Uganda (pt) , é um país sem ligação com o mar no leste da África. Faz fronteira a leste com o Quénia, a norte com o Sudão do Sul, a oeste com a República Democrática do Congo, a sudoeste com Ruanda e a sul com a Tanzânia...
  2. Roads
    Mkuu, si hii inafaa kuwa kwa Uganda section?
  3. Africa: General Discussion
    EAC East African Community __________________________________________ Member states Burundi - Kenya - Rwanda - Tanzania - Uganda
  4. Uganda
    Hello guys, the constitution of Uganda is widely available in more portable formats for us to read and get to know better of what we lack and what we need reform on as a people of this country I have seen it on play store and here is the url for android based gadgets or blackberry bb10. Regards...
  5. Uganda
    I recently noticed the old Entebbe thread has been merged into the Kampala City Thread. As an Ebbz-Boy, I feel we deserve our own thread separate from Kampala because we have quite a lot to offer. No hard feelings Kampala people, but here, it's Ebbz exclusive. Please help the thread grow. I'll...
  6. Uganda
    Fishing Sector Desires More Read more
  7. Uganda
    I'll start with Keko from Tororo. She's signed to Sony Music: :dance:
  8. Iraq
    A must see! Please help spread awareness, let's make Kony famous!
  9. Uganda
    Let's post images of Uganda's natural beauty..
  10. Uganda
    jinja bridge his bridge will join jinja and kampala ugandas two largest industrial centres it will have 8 lanes and will cost around billions of dollars it is a joint funded project by the japanese goverment and the uganda goveremnt.
  11. Uganda
    Soroti is the main commercial and administrative centre of Soroti District in eastern Uganda, lying near Lake Kyoga. It is known for the rock formation near the town as well as a variety of Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, Sikh gurdwaras as well as several churches that meet in various buildings...
  12. Uganda
    gulu town gulu town is the biggest town in northern uganda. its is the norths buisness hub. as you may no its been through 23 years of war but now it is rebuilding as in some pictures you see construction. gulu has a population of aroung 150,000 people and is home to 2 radio stations pece...
  13. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    KAMPALA CITY Uganda, the green city of Africa with a green vegetation and the best night life city in East and Central africa. Home to the richest artists and musicians driving very expensive posh cars the hummers, escalades and new class benzs^^:cheers:
  14. Uganda
    Mbarara is a city in southwestern Uganda.It is the main municipality of Mbarara District and the location of the district headquarters. It is also the largest urban centre in Western Uganda. Location Mbarara is located about 266 kilometres (165 mi) southwest of Kampala. Mbarara is an...
  15. Uganda
    its even larger than kampala in size and the most fascinating and stunning city in uganda with Indian old buildings but many and short buildings:cheers::banana:
  16. Uganda
    I hope there is no thread on this..Oil has indeed been discovered in Uganda and we are talking of about 2 Billion Barrels....Do we see this beeing a curse..Will Museveni , a product of the bush end up buying guns and tanks? Interesting observations are:- Museveni has refused totell the public...
  17. Uganda
    This thread is dedicated to Infrastructure, Development, and other news related to Uganda.
  18. Uganda
    Here's some projects to kick off the Uganda Projects Thread: Housing Developments:
1-18 of 20 Results