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  1. Midwest and Plains
    On this site, we love to highlight beautiful and interesting buildings that represent the best of architecture. How about buildings that are on the opposite end of the spectrum? Post images of some ugly buildings that you have seen around the Midwest whether it be skyscrapers, small office...
  2. Newcastle Metro Area
    What do we reckon are the ugliest and least regretted buildings, if they've been demolished, on Tyneside since the war? For me the prime candidate has to be Killingworth Towers, an extremely bleak complex of flats said to be inspired by a medieval fort, but resembling more a prison, and whose...
  3. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Encontrei aqui no forum, no thread Ugliest Buildings of your city estas coisa, que julguei não ser de todo possível existir!!! :puke: Este é o edificio Ponte City, em Joanesburgo, 173m, acabado em 1975, visto por dentro!!!! :puke: :runaway: :wallbash: (se tiverem curiosidade, as fotos da...
1-3 of 3 Results