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  1. Exchange Square
    Bring it on! The stadia, sporting facilities, and experience of hosting large scale sporting events are already in place.
  2. Sheffield Metro Area
    Given the outline application ha now gone in for this and the college is well under way it's probably time we had a separate thread for this. Here's the planning decription:
  3. The Lunar Society
    Anyone running this tomorrow? You may want to watch C5 for some views of the city. I cannot believe that this being the second biggest half after the Great North Run (20,000 participants) that the BBC don't seem to realise or care that it's taking place. Really bizarre and a bit of a shame...
  4. Exchange Square
    So, anyone else taking part again this year? This will be my fourth entry, on the streets I do the 10km in about 54mins but would be happy with anything less than 1hr given the congestion. This year it clashes with the Rugby League Magic Weekend so town will be rammed.
  5. Liverpool Metro Area
    Having watched the Olympics, and even the Manchester Commonwealth games 10 years ago, its quite clear that events on this scale are both possible and succesful, and its fairly clear that it aids in regeneration of certain areas. I was reading a few comments, admittedly of the wishful thinking...
  6. Newcastle Metro Area
    Ok, I thought we could do with this. Our bid to be a host city for the England World Cup bid. So anything that may have an effect on this can be discussed here. Do you think it's a good idea?, how can it be encouraged?, what additional facilities would we need in place?
  7. Exchange Square
    Thanks to Unexpected on Blue Moon. Think I might pop down.:cheers:
  8. Northern Ireland
    For 2026 it is likely that several UK cities will bid to host the Commonwealth games again. London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh will probably not be interested in bidding. But I'm wondering how Belfast would fare? I'm guessing that Cardiff's sport city will be constructed be then, and...
  9. Newcastle Metro Area
    . The Journal - Friday September 28th 1990. We have just had the 30th Great North Run, this was the TENTH. Bit of a coincidence with this year, as 'yet again' I was going to run, but didn't . . . OR (more like) I just DIDN'T!! . . . As ever, I am happy to do enlargements of particular...
  10. Glasgow Metro Area
    Glasgow wins 2014 Commonwealth Games! Candidate City File: >click< Evaluation Report: >click< © NetStorm © John McBride Scotland’s National Stadium, Hampden Park - Track and field Located in the Southern Venue Cluster, Hampden Park will play host to track and field events during the...
  11. Glasgow Metro Area
    Hi guys just wanted to hear everyone thoughts on Hampden getting redeveloped if our bid is successful and with the continued success of our national team and club teams in Football surly the capacity must be increased. Not to mention making the arena more concert friendly as the oval shape is a...
  12. London Metro Area
    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. :)
  13. London Metro Area
    Great views of Canary Wharf this Sunday on TV, especially as the route has been changed and the runners now go through the heart of the district!! :) :cheers:
1-14 of 18 Results