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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Mongólia é um país sem costa marítima localizado na Ásia Oriental e Central. Faz fronteira com a Rússia no norte e com a República Popular da China no sul, leste e oeste. Embora a Mongólia não partilhe uma fronteira com o Cazaquistão, o seu ponto mais ocidental é de apenas 38 quilômetros da...
  2. Зарубежье
    Ула́н-Ба́тор (монг. Улаанбаатар — «красный богатырь») — столица Монголии. Площадь — 4704,4 км², население — 1 172 400 чел. (2011) Немного истории. Город был основан в 1639 году как буддистский монастырь и назывался Өргөө (монг. «Дворец», «Ставка», отсюда произошло название «Урга»...
  3. Urban Showcase
    Here is the sixth thread about my train journey, in last july, from Moscow to Beijing. The links towards the five first threads : Moscow Across Siberia The Great Baïkal Going to Mongolia ! Ulan Bator and the surroundings 1- Leaving Ulaanbaatar, early in the morning. 2- The outskirts of the...
  4. General Photography
    An attempt to show you an uncommon place in the very middle of Asia far away from the temperate sea. In contrast to its image, Mongolia has more to show than endless, plain, treeless steppe (panoramio) some crystal clear lakes and untouched forests in the north where wolves and elks strive...
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1-5 of 6 Results