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  1. Member Designs
    End of Summer Term Project, a 5 Units Residential Building located in Parque Saavedra, Buenos Aires. Project Requirements. At Least 5 Ground Level Units for Stores/Shops/Restaurants etc Units with Minimum Room for 4 Residents each Amenities on Ground Level. Multiple Purpose Room on Ground...
  2. Public Space
    Founded in 1963, the École Normale Supérieure de Bujumbura is the oldest university building in Burundi, the poorest country in the world. The institution welcomes between 4000 and 6000 students each year (all with scholarships from the Burundian government). In this video I show you this...
  3. City Hall / 议事厅
    Hi Chinese forumers, I recently stumbled upon a degree option at UNSW which gave students the option to study 2 years in UNSW and another 2 years at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. for the dual degree of Bachelor in Architecture from both Unis. According to UNSW and some googling, Tongji...
  4. Manhattan
  5. DN Archives
    aka 1201 Second Avenue Here's How Skanska's 2&U Tower Will Look in Seattle's Skyline
  6. Charlotte
    I think the University should have its own thread. So many construction projects in the last 15 plus years with more to come.
  7. Teesside
    With demand for student accommodation providing major impetus for the regeneration of the town, it's time for a dedicated thread. There are certainly enough proposed schemes and developments in the offing to keep this one active. I'll kick things off with the conversion of St James House on...
  8. South Notre démarche architecturale :
  9. South
    Laâyoune: La première EST dans les provinces du Sud ouvre ses portes Read more: More infos : Amush Official Website:
  10. Architecture
    I'm really excited by the topic of this thread; I care very deeply in understanding the physical growth of college campuses throughout their growth periods. Many universities are continuing to grow with master plans, specifically to enhance social interaction and functionalism on college...
  11. Completed projects
    The Gardens Bloomsbury WC1 Official website: Planning application: Camden 2013/1598/P Development Facts Site: Garden Halls and Cartwright Gardens, London WC1 Developer: University of London Architect: Maccreanor Lavington Floorspace: 32,557m²...
  12. Africa: Projects and Construction
  13. Industrial Ages
    University of Law | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. Tel Aviv
    Competition for the new CheckPoint Computer Sciences Faculty - youth building at Tel Aviv University 5 fl winning design Kimmel Eshkolot Architects
  15. Chicago
    Hey Chicago forumers, Here is the 3rd part of my fifth and final day in the Windy City, focusing on the beautiful campus of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park and parts of the Museum Campus and Grant Park. the University of Chicago's Charles M. Harper Center Rockefeller Memorial Chapel...
  16. General Urban Developments
    부산외국어대학교 Busan University of Foreign Studies Пусанский университет иностранных языков Пусанський університет іноземних мов Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) is a one of the best universities in the field of foreign languages in the Republic of Korea. It located in Nam-gu (district)...
1-17 of 67 Results