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  1. Constanța Metro Area
    Titlul proiectului: „Îmbunătăţirea mobilităţii în municipiul Constanţa, zona Bulevardul 1 Mai – Șoseaua Mangaliei“ Perioada de implementare a proiectului: 18 luni Valoarea totală a proiectului: 47.230.378,86 lei Compania executanta: Electrogrup Proiectul Tehnic:
  2. Constanța Metro Area
    Titlul proiectului: „Îmbunătățirea mobilității în municipiul Constanța, între Gara CFR și stațiunea Mamaia” Perioada de implementare: 08.07.2017 - 30.04.2022 - 58 luni Valoarea totală a proiectului – 91.361.641,40 lei Compania executanta: Hidro Salt B 92
  3. Constanța Metro Area
    Titlul proiectului: „Acces și mobilitate pietonală în zona centrală a municipiului Constanța” Perioada de implementare 29.10.2014 - 30.04.2022 Valoarea totală a proiectului – 89.854.757,70 lei Compania executanta: Meva Concept
  4. Constanța Metro Area
    Am deschis un thread separat pentru ca imaginile cu proiectul se pierd in zecile de pagini de pe "Transport Infrastructure".
  5. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
    Marseille, France Euromediterranée It's been a while I want to create a thread to show the urban renewal in Marseille which is the biggest of southern Europe, the operation is called "Euromediterranée". The first part of...
  6. Baltimore / Washington DC
    Mount Vernon Place, a National Historic Landmark Baltimore is celebrating the bicentennial of the nation’s first monument to George Washington. The Mount Vernon Place Conservancy is pleased to announce “A Monumental Bicentennial” and the re-opening of Baltimore’s iconic Washington Monument on...
  7. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
    The Packard Automotive Plant used to build cars for the Packard brand until it went bankrupt in 1958 and was abandoned. Now there is a plan to restore the facility.
  8. Gush Dan
    HAROVA באזור התעשייה הישן של ראשון לציון - מתחם עירוני חדשהרובע new entertainment zone, Rishon Lezion Urban renewal of Rishon Lezion's old industrial zone into an outdoor-indoors entertainment, arts, events & leisure quarter phase I architects
  9. Architecture and Modern Structures
    Location: Fikirtepe, Kadıköy Floors: 25 Height: 80 mt Architech: - Developer: Emay İnşaat
  10. Architecture and Modern Structures
    Location: Fikirtepe, Kadıköy Floors: - Height: 80 mt Architech: Tabanlıoğlu Developer: Nuhoğlu İnşaat!prettyPhoto
  11. İstanbul
    Location: Fikirtepe, Kadıköy Floors: - Height: 80 mt Architech: AE Mimarlık Developer: ANKA Yapı
  12. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    In 2013, Darling Harbour is marking 25 years since it was opened to the public as Sydney’s premier destination. I have been collecting information as much as I can on the history and development. As the year progresses, I hope to add and share as many items, pictures and facts as possible...
  13. General Urban Developments
    **Thanks for visiting this thread! If anybody would like to contribute to this urban renewal project, feel free to!** Information (Source: Glenwood Village Redevelopment is a mixed use project consisting of 3 mid rise...
  14. Completed Projects
    Newcastle City Council will decide on history project cash by Tony Henderson, The Journal, March 9th 2011 A DECISION will be taken today on financial backing for a scheme to enhance the historic core from which Newcastle evolved. The project is called Old Newcastle – Where the Story Begins...
  15. Manila City and the rest of the Metro Found this while searching for something at the City of Manila website. Looks interesting. Does anyone here have any other info about this project? LIM meets PPA re South Harbor Expanded Port Zone
1-19 of 27 Results