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  1. Member Designs
    Hello there, I would like to share with you a few of the urban geofiction projects I've been working on for the past 4 years. Most of them are still work in progress.. Bărădin, Antharia - map (© OpenGeofiction contributors) Sobor Square, Bărădin, Antharia - map (© OpenGeofiction...
  2. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    What is our responsibility for preserving current urban culture vs. preserving Landmark buildings that house it? The Strand bookstore has been in this building for 70 years and now must upkeep the space according to their Landmark designation. This...
  3. Projects
    Welcome everybody!
  4. Projects and Construction
    New owner of Oak Cliff’s landmark dairy eyes property for mixed-use development Steve Brown May 29, 2014 Full Article 155556645
  5. New Jersey
    This thread is for News and photos about Military & Washington Park in Downtown Newark. Some photos Ive taken of Military Park Early Morning Freezing conditions in Downtown Newark by Corey Best, on Flickr Military Park in Downtown Newark,New Jersey by Corey Best, on Flickr Wars of America...
  6. Oran
    Nouvelle ville d'Oran : 1.400 hectares seront consacrés au projet Source: Quotidien d'Oran
  7. Almaty City and Metro Area
    В Алматы презентовали обновленный генплан города
  8. Tehran
  9. General photography
    A thread about Urban Parks and gardens in our cities. Apparently, the oldest gardens still in existence in Morocco date back to the XIIth century, during the Almohades era. (source) p.72
  10. Architecture and Urbanism
    По-моему, тот факт, что нашему городу исторически досталась сетка - это есть очень и очень хорошо. И её следует беречь, поддерживать, развивать и восстанавливать. Считаю, что в этом плане нельзя отпускать жизнь города на самотёк. Иначе сетка начнёт повреждаться, появятся дуги, зигзаги, невнятные...
  11. Almaty City and Metro Area
    реконструкция тепломагистралей
  12. Shiraz
    thread specific too bazsazi and samandehi for shiraz
  13. Urban Environment
    А как вы относитесь к разным урбан-арт обьектам в городе? (Фотки взяты из - Iwusha)
  14. Urban Showcase
    edit delete ...
  15. Altre discussioni
    Contest Fotografico 02|2013 Scheletri in città Urban skeletons. Benvenuti alla presentazione del nuovo contest. Questa volta ho fatto di testa mia ed ho scelto come argomento gli "scheletri", ogni città ne ha almeno uno nell'armadio, trattandosi di un contest tradizionale quindi il tema dovrà...
  16. Urban Galleries
    This thread is for all the news and pictures pertaining to urban infrastructure and development projects in Tanzania's major cities/towns. :cheers:
  17. Rate our Architecture
    Berlokasi di pinggir laut Boulevard Manado, restauran stand alone ini sangat iconic. View ke arah pantai dari jendela-jendela besar dalam restaurant maupun dari terasnya menyegarkan mata karena sambil menikmati makanan, kita juga bisa menikmati indahnya Teluk Manado dan Pulau Manado Tua. Photo...
  18. Urban Showcase
    Bagi yang suka edit HDR (High Dynamic Range) atau yang ingin belajar bisa click tutorial berikut: Sesuai keterangan dalam website ini, software yang mumpuni untuk HDR bisa pakai Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro X4 yang sudah ada plugin HDR, Photomatix Pro...
  19. Tabriz
    some of tabriz's pedestrian alleys tarbiat needs huge renovations for its buildings, it has beautiful trees though, gorjiler also needs alot of renos maybe im too "khosh pendaar" but u know, i think most of us expect stuff like this strasbourg germany...
  20. Urban Showcase
    Deadline: 6pm Friday February 8th, 2013 IX Gallery is the exhibit and event space of Colourgenics, which in 2013 celebrates its 30th year of providing top flight services to Canada’s foremost visual artists and photographers. We are proud to take part this year in the inaugural Toronto Urban...