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  1. Highrises
    SpaceX is building a highrise scale tower for its Space Exploration program. It will surely be a destination for enthusiasts in the future. NasaSpaceflight on Youtube, timestamp 10:11
  2. Projects
    $2-billion development could replace DTLA cold storage facility A Denver-based developer behind a series of new office buildings in the Arts District has now turned its sights west to an industrial area at the neighborhood's border with Little Tokyo and Skid Row. Continuum Partners has...
  3. North and South America
    One Thousand Museum Miami, USA 213.1m/ 699ft 60 floors Residential Zaha Hadid Completed 2019 photos by Marcanadian One Thousand Museum by Marcanadian, on Flickr One Thousand Museum by Marcanadian, on Flickr
  4. North and South America
    Paramount Miami Worldcenter Miami, USA 213m / 699ft 60 floors Elkus Manfredi Residential Completed 2019 photos from Thenextmiami
  5. Projects
    Developer Hines plans new high-rise office tower in downtown Oakland Oakland’s Design Review Committee is scheduled to review updated designs for what could become the tallest skyscraper in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco. The 623-foot office tower will rise at 415 20th Street, two...
  6. Projects and Construction
  7. Projects and Construction Chicago | BMO Tower by Harry Carmichael, on Flickr Chicago | BMO Tower by Harry Carmichael, on Flickr METX 195 @ Chicago, IL by Adam Elias, on Flickr
  8. Projects and Construction
  9. Highrises
  10. Highrises U/c at Figueroa and Pico in DTLA is the 42 story Moxy Hotel. by pwright2007, on Flickr
  11. Zagranica
    Nowego Jorku nigdy nie jest za wiele. Mam nadzieję, że też tak uważacie. Relacja zdjęciowa z czerwca 2018, a więc jeszcze ze starych dobrych lat przed COVIDem. Wieżowce, które wtedy były w budowie już pewnie są skończone, ale mam nadzieję, że to nikomu nie przeszkadza :) Do Nowego Jorku udałem...
  12. Projects
    Renderings Revealed for 45-53 Third Street, SoMa, San Francisco
  13. Projects and Construction
  14. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Meet the Kensington Tower, the high-rise that would join Utah’s tallest buildings in Salt Lake City’s skyline
  15. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Developers share details on the building that will replace the historic Utah Theater and alter Salt Lake City’s skyline
  16. Proposed Highrises
    Amazon PenPlace plans in Arlington include nature-infused double helix tower
  17. Projects and Construction
    How Weston Urban’s 32-story tower could look in the San Antonio skyline
  18. Proposed Skyscrapers
  19. Proposed Highrises
  20. Development News
    Another 40-Story Office & Residential Tower Is Planned Across From MiamiCentral By Related Group