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  1. North and South America
    Madison Square Park Tower New York, New York Height: 237m/ 777ft Floors: 61 Function: Residential Architect: KPF Completed: 2017 field condition Moonrise over Manhattan by Mike McLaughlin, on Flickr
  2. Midwest and Plains Development News
    New Project: The Viadauct
  3. Projects
    51-Story Residential Tower Planned at 11th & Olive
  4. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Per the Denver Business Journal:
  5. General Urban Developments
    progress photo by DetroitSky
  6. Projects
    Environmental Study Released for World Trade Center Apartment Tower
  7. Midwest and Plains Development News
    New renderings show one big design change at Three Light
  8. Zagranica
    Mając trochę wolnego czasu w związku z obecną sytuacją i urlopem spędzanym w w domu postanowiłem podzielić się zdjęciami z zeszłorocznego wyjazdu do USA. Wyjazd był służbowy na prawie trzy tygodnie dlatego miałem też trochę czasu, głównie weekendy, na wycieczki z aparatem co zaowocowało kilkoma...
  9. Proposed Highrises
    Another highrise in the 'gap' between Downtown and Midtown. A school and more offices for the hot neighborhood where ABC and Google are planting their flags.
  10. Highrises
  11. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Ground broken for Salt Lake City convention hotel that’s been years in the making
  12. New York

    432 Park Avenue
  13. New York

    Empire State Building
  14. Manhattan
    Another Tower Plan for the Seaport: 'There's Going to Be Fierce Opposition'
  15. Proposed Highrises
    I think it's unlikely this will remain a supertall, if it is even built at all. Nevertheless, we have another legitimate supertall proposal for downtown. Another Tower Plan for the Seaport: 'There's Going to Be Fierce Opposition'
  16. Proposed Highrises
    neighboring Elysee and Missioni Baia, Melo Group plans Twin residential towers. Melo Signs Utilities Deal For Nearly 800 Residential Units At Twin-Tower Island Bay In Edgewater
  17. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    F.N.B. Corporation to Anchor New 24-Story Mixed-Use Tower in Pittsburgh
  18. Midwest and Plains Development News
    Sherwin-Williams confirms plans for new downtown Cleveland HQ, Brecksville R&D center
  19. Proposed Highrises
    Sherwood Equities plans a 40 story condo tower in Hudson Yards.
  20. Manhattan
41-60 of 423 Results