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  1. General Photography
    Post funny photos or videos. YouTube, Vimeo
  2. City Talk
    I've trawled the City Talk forum and I don't think we have one yet. Showcase media in, around and about your city. TV shows set in your city, radio shows about your city, newspaper clippings, pictures of local newspaper/radio/TV headquarters, etc etc. Should be good :) I'll smash the...
  3. Фотаздымкі
    Дзень з жыцця Гродна ў фармаце time-lapse Карыстальнік Arixonix стварыў відэа, якое магло б стаць сапраўднай рэкламай Гродна для замежных турыстаў Hrodna/Belarus (Гродна / Беларусь) Motion Timelapse 2011 By Vitaly Karpovich (c) снято на canon 450D...
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    I thought it would be good to have a thread for discussions about "Newcastle and the North East" portrayed in and by the Media. YouTube clips, songs, cinema films, tv documentaries, tv shows, etc etc. Feel free to post. I've gathered just a few clips from YouTube to start us off with...
  5. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    the first thread crept over 500posts. old thread
1-5 of 13 Results