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  1. Lithuania
    Vilnius Cyber City
  2. Lithuania
    Construction site right now.
  3. Lithuania
    Vilnius - Hero Business Center The company is waiting for construction approval. Construction site now.
  4. Lithuania
    VILNIUS - Avia Solution Group Arena reconstruction should start in 2022 around September. After reconstruction, it will have 16500 seats for Basketball games and for concerts it could fit more than 20000. With the new owner of the Arena, he is planning also to start a new basketball club. . This...
  5. Lithuania
    Vilnius - Flow, Business Center
  6. Lithuania
    Business Center - K14A
  7. Fotoforum
    Op maandag 23 juli vertrok ik met mijn kinderen naar Schiphol voor een zomervakantie van ruim 3 weken die uit drie aaneengesloten delen bestond. Eerst een georganiseerde rondreis door de Baltische Staten, aansluitend naar Ekaterinburg voor de Europe-Asia Marathon en tot slot, via Hamburg, een...
  8. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    All pictures here should be just good quality.
  9. Skyscrapers
    Alright guys, the old thread is dead and won't be revived. Lets start all over again but let me be clear that I reserve the right to delete any photo that I find not fit in this thread and lock it if necessary. All participants have to agree with the forum rules as follow and once you start...
  10. Photos
    Changing face of Vilnius district, metropolitan area of Vilnius. In the years 2000-2012 the closest territories of the capital of Lithuania changed a lot. Not only the old towns and villages transformed, but also some entirely new neighborhoods were build in the territories previously empty...
  11. Photos Trakai town. Trakai is on UNESCO World Heritage tentative list from 2003. I will show some of my pictures of Trakai and it's surroundings, others are also welcomed to contribute!
1-19 of 91 Results