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  1. Jerusalem
    We have started work on a project in which we use new VR technology in combination with history. We hope that thanks to the modern approach to history, we will encourage young people to learn about it. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Historical VR...
  2. Design & Lifestyle
    Hey guys, Ive seen so much great stuff on here, thank you very much. I wanted to share a gallery I found of architectural 360 panoramas Enjoy :) P.S. For more info about the platform and their native GearVR app visit
  3. Member Designs
    Wanted to model a few towers since i haven't done that in quite some time, i'm working on some of the Sheikh Zayed Road towers located in the city of Dubai. Would like to know what you guys think of it! Still working on some towers so when another one's finished, i'll update.
  4. 3D Designs
    STADIUM OF PEACE - BALDRESCA AREA ROVERETO My proposal for the new stadium in Rovereto. It would be in the location Baldresca, this area used for sports activities ( tennis,Gyms , archery), with the proximity of both the Municipal swimming pool and the sports Center Fucine (Gyms and soccer...
  5. 3D Designs
    My proposal for redevelopment of less than 100 thousand square meters of industrial area near Mori Railway Station. It could be achieved through the cooperation of major companies of Rovereto and the Trentino Development. It aims to research and new technologies in addition to the Green...
  6. 3D Designs
    In urban regeneration projects (SPINA), is was the Advanced hypothesis of a Business Center. This is my proposal . PRONDA CENTER The entire Center welcomes about 1000 residents and 20000 workers. The main building is the Torino Tower with its 256 meters , followed by Rivoli Tower with...
  7. 3D Designs
    My proposal for the HSBC . This tower is hight 240 meters . I would see in Canary Wharf or Hong Kong
  8. 3D Designs
    My proposal for conversion of area currently Railways (RFI). Currently, there 's a competition organized by ARBO I have extended the area of intervention. Compared with the previous project (Directional Centre of Trento), there would be many skyscrapers, even if higher...
  9. 3D Designs
    My proposal for the redevelopment of the area along Via Stephenson MILAN (ITALY). In this area the administration foresees the construction of a Directional Center to be completed in 2030. If built should rival to PARIS LA DEFENSE. These are the only buildings that remain (and where it is...
  10. 3D Designs
    My proposal to extend the current CENTRE DIRECTIONAL of TRENTO. The maximum height is of 94 meters (TOWER BUONCONSIGLIO), then 77 meters (TOWER FINANCIAL CENTER), 70 meters (TOWER MARANGONI). The other buildings are under 50 metres .
  11. 3D Designs
    My proposal for a tower for ENI to be implemented over the existing building ENI, all being part of the project NEW EUR 2020 . Its height of 352 metres.
  12. 3D Designs
    My proposal for a skyscraper to be implemented in a LONDON CANARY WHARF. The height is of 224 metres.
1-15 of 27 Results