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  1. Arquitectura y Urbanismo Nacional
    Abro este thread para exponer y opinar sobre visiones de proyectos que podrían dárse antes del año 2099. Vision de carazzo: Regenerative towers Para el año 2050, se estima que debido a las altas tasas de contaminación, alrededor de 500 millones de personas comenzarán a buscar refugio a raíz de...
  2. Rate Our Visions
    what could have been the world's largest building.
  3. Rate Our Visions
    an iconic tower in Houston stymied by the FAA and killed by the economy.
  4. Rate Our Visions
    A Trump proposal for the Upper West Side, what would have been the crowning piece of what is today known as "Trump Place" or the Riverside Towers.
  5. Rate Our Visions
    A towering Spire proposed by Trump in the 90s at the current site of the Time Warner Center. by Elia Atta: another potential design, by Murphy Jahn:
  6. Rate Our Visions
    A Trump proposal for the new home of NYSE. It bared a coincidental resemblance to the future 1 World Trade Center.
  7. Western Australia
    Please delete if elsewhere, I wasn't competent enough to find any other link here, but apologies if I missed it:
  8. The World Trade Center
    found some high quality versions of old renderings for different architects' visions for 'ground zero'
  9. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    The title speaks for itself, I'm sure. I have two candidates I think are much shorter than they need to be. They just seem to be stubby, especially considering their respective footprints. Frost Tower in Austin (photo: Jay Janner) Pier 1 Imports Building in Ft. Worth (photo: Avantist...
  10. Grand Marseille
    Bonjour à tous ! Je suis en troisième année d'école d'architecture à Marseille et dans le cadre de mes études, je dois réaliser un mémoire. je me suis intéressée sur la confrontation entre la théorie de la vision des architectes et la pratique par les usagers. J'ai sélectionnée la place...
  11. Cityscapes
    I have been around for a few weeks and i am aware of the bombardment of development that is being done in Kota Kinabalu. In some of the thread, i could see how impressed and disappointed we are when we talked about the consequence that might affect the city itself and to the community. I am...
  12. Querétaro
    Qué tal, compañeros foristas. Los saluda lllraylll, asiduo lector que postea cada Corpus y San Juan :nuts:. La idea de este nuevo hilo es construir entre todos una visión de nuestra ciudad en 20 años. Espero que entre todos podamos lograr un bonito y exitoso thread. Los invito a plasmar por...
1-13 of 15 Results