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  1. Alexandra Street | Wallsend | Various | Completed

    Completed Projects
    14/00980/LAREG3 | Demolition of existing police station and existing residential dwellings and erection of 12no two bedroom houses and 13no three bedroom houses and 4no one bedroom apartments and 12no two bedroom apartments with associated landscaping and parking | Former Wallsend Police Station...
  2. HADRIAN'S WALL - The Roman Wall from Wallsend to Bowness, and "The Romans in Northern England" generally

    North East England
    Hadrian's Wall through the Centre of Newcastle. This might be one for you Historian. While browsing wikipedia at work, ahem, I mean...on lunch.... I came across a reference to a replica roman milecastle behind the Newcastle Arts Centre at the location where it would have been on Hadrians...