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  1. Birmingham Metro Area
    Application Number: 17/0485 Proposal: A hybrid application for the redevelopment of this site: - a full planning application for demolition of all buildings and change of use of the land from general industrial (Class B2) to a mixed use of light industrial (Class B1), general industrial (Class...
  2. The Lunar Society
    The thread title says it all so post your photos of any decent graffiti you've seen and photographed. Local stuff would be a preference though any from further afar would be educational. Here are a few I took on the streets around the Custard factory last weekend
  3. Completed Projects
    This one is huge, so definitely needs it's own thread. Developers: Jessup Architects: SP Faizey Architects Structural engineers: Stewart and Harris Website: Planning application: 07/0618/FL/W7 Apartments: 344 Office space: 4,797 sq m Parking: 131...
  4. Birmingham Metro Area
    Join the queue for a home in the sky Once high-rise flats were shunned by council tenants. These days you'll be lucky to get hold of the keys to a tower block des res, says Mark Andrews Jul 27, 2005, 07:45 Brian and Gladys Waller love their high-rise flat. With views over the Clent Hills...
1-4 of 4 Results