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  1. News & Weather Channel
    That can be a fascinating subject concerning the climate, can't it be ? Many people look for sunny places where clear skies are guaranteed during a certain period of the year or even all year long, especially for holidays ! So, why wouldn't we determine what are the locations experiencing the...
  2. Jamaica
    Good day fellow bloggers...I'll try to update this thread as much as possible. This thread will focus on the weather in Jamaica.
  3. Singapore
    Do any of you ever wonder if the floods we've been getting are worse now than they were before? I reckon it would be a little naive of us to think that we can chop down trees, remove plots of green, replace these with concrete and paving instead, do this for years and years and then assume that...
  4. Southeast
    The Weather Thread Post weather news and discussion here.
  5. Newcastle Metro Area
    Where abouts did the Tyne nearly burst? Further up the valley I'm guessing? Still, it's hardly good news. Presumably it will eventually burst if it's getting close now - we seem to have seen a growth in the amount of spring/autumn flash floods in the past few years. .
  6. Green L.A.
    Oh my gah... not again... It's hitting 80° in January.. just like last year! I'll start adding Burbank's here just for my record :)
  7. Green L.A. --- What the heck is going on this "Winter"... Why is it so warm! >=[
  8. News & Weather Channel
    Well 10 days till the cyclone season starts again so it's time for a new thread. BOM season predictions for the season: Monday, 20 October 2008 Outlook for the Queensland Tropical Cyclone Season 2008-09 A Tropical Cyclone Coastal Impact is more likely than not Queenslanders are being urged...
1-8 of 27 Results