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  1. Lunar Society
    Guess the town from a single picture of the high street. As this has the potential to be recognisable, we are talking about West Midlands Region. First up,where is this?
  2. Birmingham Metro Area
    The government part funding is due any day for the extension of the Metro Line 1 in Birmingham from Snow Hill Station to the new New Street Station (Gateway Project). I've put two articles on because I am impressed with the Metro which I think wins hands down over buses and...
  3. Lunar Society
  4. Lunar Society
    Where in our absolutely fantastic area of the West Midlands have you never been? I'm thinking of towns or attractions that are relatively well known. Off the top of my head (and with the help of a map ;)) I've never knowingly been to or through the following towns: Nuneaton Bedworth Southam...
  5. Completed Developments in Birmingham
    I think I would be the first to kick of discussions on views regarding the new Cube development in the mailbox. There is a cool video on the following this Website showing where the cube in located ( I didn’t realise it was so close to the mailbox itself ) It looks amazing and would be...
  6. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Norte da Inglaterra, também conhecido como o Norte ou o Norte do País, é uma área cultural da Inglaterra. Não é uma região oficial do governo, mas um conceito geográfico. Este artigo trata da área aproximada compreendida entre o rio Trent e o rio Dee ao sul, até a divisa com a Escócia, ao...
1-6 of 6 Results