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  1. Aviation & Airports
    This thread is meant to supplement the Kolkata Airport thread with news, pictures, and discussions about aviation in all of West Bengal. This can also include info about Kolkata Airport. Anyone is free to start the thread.
  2. Kolkata
    @ Sun & all other forumers I'm opening this new thread to list and integrate all IT & Business parks, existing & upcoming, which is primarily scattered in various other threads. It will contain pics & small infos on each project & all updates & changes related to each project can be posted here...
  3. Kolkata
    Google Earth May 18, 2009 updates City Center II and surroundings, New Town, Kolkata
  4. Railways & Transportation
    This map is much backdated, there are many routes closed, which are shown operating. E.g. – 1) Now tram is not running towards Behala & Joka. 2) Tram service is closed between Garhiahat depot & Baliganj line. 3) Tram is now not running between Galiff Street & Shyambazar Jn. 4) Route 13, 27, 35...
  5. West Bengal
    This thread is intended to discuss projects and developments in West Bengal. It has started to happen, and lets hope it continues.
1-5 of 5 Results