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  1. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Now this one is Going to be Special since it will commemorate the 100 years of WC... Asia and South America. assuming that this WC will be a 40 teams based Potential Bids 1- Uruguay 2- Chile 3- China 4- UAE ------------------------------- i am interested in UAE potential Bid 1- United Arab...
  2. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    So as we know Voting for the World Cup HOST will be in May 2017 and so far i think we have 5 official bids from - CANADA - THE UNITED STATES - MEXICO - COLOMBIA - MOROCCO other possible bids: - A joint Colombia, Ecuador and Peru bid - China - England - Kazhakstan
  3. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    I been wondering if FIFA should move the next 2 World Cups. To start I was in favor of Russia and Qatar winning those bids but do to the current issues involving those countires. I have ask a question to myself; should FIFA move the next 2 World Cups. I do not have an answer and is hard topic to...
  4. Internationale Projekte
    Hier gibt es Updates & Meldungen, Baufortschritte und Diskussionen zu den Stadien und der Infrastruktur zur Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2014 im knalligen Brasilien. :cool:
  5. Newcastle Metro Area
    Ok, I thought we could do with this. Our bid to be a host city for the England World Cup bid. So anything that may have an effect on this can be discussed here. Do you think it's a good idea?, how can it be encouraged?, what additional facilities would we need in place?
1-7 of 56 Results