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world trade center

  1. NEW YORK | 115 Liberty Street | 100m | 327ft | 30 fl | Demo

    Proposed Highrises
    a new hotel set to rise in easy walking distance of the World Trade Center Demolition About to Begin at 112 Liberty Street in the Financial District
  2. NEW YORK | 185 Broadway | 123m | 404ft | 31 fl | U/C

    SL Green pays $18M to buy air rights for FiDi resi tower a rendering which may depict a previous iteration:
  3. The Twin Towers Alliance

    The World Trade Center
    For anyone who doesn't know, the Twin Towers Alliance is a watchdog organization dedicated to rebuilding the original World Trade Center in New York City. This organization has claimed many cases of alleged corruption among the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and that they're the...
  4. Downtown | World Trade Center Transportation Hub | 46m | 150ft | Com

    The World Trade Center
    Taken last Friday... Inside the beast Inside the World Trade Center "Bird" in Lower Manhattan... by Corey Best, on Flickr Inside the World Trade Center "Bird" in Lower Manhattan... by Corey Best, on Flickr Inside the World Trade Center "Bird" in Lower Manhattan... by Corey Best, on Flickr...
  5. Downtown | 3WTC - 175 Greenwich Street | 328m | 1079ft | 69 fl | Com

    The World Trade Center
    Lord Rogers’s Tower 3 at 175 Greenwich Street, between Dey and Cortlandt Streets, is a flat-topped building with asymmetrical shoulders and the diagonal beams of the exoskeletal framework (on the sides) seem to echo the rooftop of Tower 2. The building will rise 1,155 feet, reaching the higher...
  6. MIAMI | ITC Miami | 301m | 988ft | 77 fl | Pro

    Proposed Supertalls
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 935 Foot World Trade Center Tower Plan Submitted for Biscayne Boulevard
  7. MIAMI | Miami Yacht Harbor at PortMiami | 100m+ | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Miami Yacht Harbor at PortMiami The contentious PortMiami site once proposed for a World Trade Center and a MLS soccer complex is now back in flux with a new convention center/hotel/ marina proposal. Will the third time be the charm for this star-crossed site...
  8. NEW YORK | Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center | U/C

    General Urban Developments
    I did not see a thread for this any where, so here it is. This is for the World Trade Center Performing Arts Center which will begin construction this year because right now a temporary exit from the PATH station is occupying the site until then. The only few renders I could find: A rendering...
  9. WTC on 9/11/2001 BEFORE first plane!

    The World Trade Center
    Alright so here post all the pictures of the World Trade Center that date from September 11, 2001 12am - September 11, 2001 8:45am, just make sure they are from 9/11 but before the first plane hit. This will be really interesting to see. Here is a picture I have from 7am on that September 11...
  10. World Trade Center before 9, 11, 2001 in 3D

    3D Designs
    I began this project after the attacks of September 11. Have a look at the Manhattan thread here : I have made a website dedicated to this project here : World Trade Center 1974 An evocation of the early days...
  11. Manattan before 9, 11, 2001 in 3D

    3D Designs
    I began this project after the attacks of September 11. My original intention was to model the skyline of the southern tip of Manhattan and the further the work advenced, I got carried away and ending with the model presented here. It took me a little over a year to complete a first draft during...
  12. ASUNCIÓN | World Trade Center | 4 x 22n l T

    World Trade Center Asunción En busca de cumplir el viejo sueño de dejar de lado la mediterraneidad del país, apelando al relacionamiento con una gran red mundial comercial como es el World Trade Center Association, la fachada del complejo edilicio del WTC Asunción está inspirada en las blancas...
  13. Complejos WTC - Detallado

    Tablero de Dibujo
    Estimados foristas de SSC Argentina: Dado que se acaba de anunciar la realización futura de complejos pertenecientes a la franquicia World Trade Center en Argentina, mi idea es mostrar los diferentes complejos que existen en el mundo. En la actualidad hay 330 complejos aproximadamente, en 100...
  14. PROYECTO | World Trade Center Tijuana | Primera etapa

    La puerta de entrada al intercambio comercial internacional. Proveedor de herramientas estratégicas para hacer negocios alrededor del mundo. El WTC Tijuana es un concepto que integra espacios para oficinas corporativas, centro de exposiciones, salas de juntas ejecutivas, así como una oficina...
  15. World Trade Center 3D model

    3D Designs
    Hey guys! I have started a new World Trade Center model. Please visit for updates! :cheers:
  16. Addition to the new World Trade Center

    As many other people around the world, I too was disappointed by the new WTC. I actually like all of the buildings they're building but what I don't like is that they are building only a replacement for the North Tower (1WTC). Yes, they'll build three other skyscrapers but all of them are...
  17. Norway96's Papercity

    Scale Models
    Hello, here is my papercity. I have buildings like Aon Center (Chicago), old World Trade Center (New York), Citigroup Center (New York), Marriott Hotel (New York), Grace Building (New York), Wells Fargo Buildings (LA) and the new and old Seven World Trade Center (New York). I don't have so much...
  18. paper city

    Scale Models
    hello everyone, today i am going to post photos of my paper city, and also my very first paper model. so : and for ground zero the claddin of the towers made by skyscrapers 144 and the base made by str and edited by me.:) ps: if no image is seen, visit...
  19. NEW YORK | National September 11 Memorial & Museum | Com

    DN Archives
    National September 11 Memorial & Museum Visitors to the memorial museum will be presented with a sequence of experiences which allow for individual and personal encounters within an overall context of a historical narrative. The nature of the Museum is such that the shell of the space...
  20. High resolution renderings (showcase)

    Into renderings by Vyonyx and MIR. Projects around the world in high resolution (renderings must be larger than 1500 pixels while i try to use 1600 pixels as the standard width). I will present renderings of high quality, so consider this a thread to those of us who have a big screen with a...