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  1. New York

    New York

    One WTC Freedom Tower
  2. NEW YORK | 115 Liberty Street | 100m | 327ft | 30 fl | Demo

    Proposed Highrises
    a new hotel set to rise in easy walking distance of the World Trade Center Demolition About to Begin at 112 Liberty Street in the Financial District
  3. Banghua WTC | GUANGZHOU | 250m | 55 fl

    Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Banghua World Trade Center Guangzhou, China 250m/820ft 55 floors Aedas Residential, Office 2017 by 杰瑞米阳光 by 杰瑞米阳光
  4. China WTC 3B | BEIJING | 296m | 59 fl

    Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    China World Trade Center Phase 3B Beijing, China 296m/970ft 59 floors SOM Hotel, Office 2017 by 繁星的宇宙 L1030704 by Eddie Sheung Lai Leung, on Flickr
  5. Four World Trade Center | NEW YORK | 298m | 65 fl

    Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    4 WTC - 150 Greenwich Street New York City, USA 298m/977ft 65 floors Maki and Associates 2014 CTBUH DSC03083 by Jörg Sauer, on Flickr
  6. Wenzhou WTC | WENZHOU | 322m | 68 fl

    Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Wenzhou World Trade Center Wenzou, China Height: 322m/1056ft (architectural) Floors: 68 Function: Hotel, Office Architect: Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research Completed: 2011 photos from CTBUH
  7. Three World Trade Center | NEW YORK | 329m | 69 fl

    Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    175 Greenwich Street - 3 WTC New York, USA Height: 329m/1079ft Floors: 69 Function: Office Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Completed: 2018 World Trade Center by Robert Wash, on Flickr _DSC9279 by solo newyork, on Flickr
  8. NEW YORK | 5 World Trade Center | 274m | 900ft | fl | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    YIMBY previously uncovered a supertall proposal for this site, and with conformation that the tower could go residential or mixed use with over 1 million sf to work with, a supertall might rise here to cap the redevelopment of the World Trade Center. Warring agencies reach deal to sell final...
  9. Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid - WTC Residences | ABU DHABI | 381m | 88 fl

    Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid Abu Dhabi, UAE Height: 381m/1251ft Floors: 88 Function: Residential Architect: Foster + Partners Completed: 2014 World Trade Center Abu Dhabi - The Residences (381 m, 88 emelet) by Gábor Tikos, on Flickr Corniche Skyline - Abu Dhabi by HarveyDxb, on Flickr
  10. NEW YORK | 185 Broadway | 123m | 404ft | 31 fl | U/C

    SL Green pays $18M to buy air rights for FiDi resi tower a rendering which may depict a previous iteration:
  11. Downtown | 5 WTC - 130 Liberty Street | 274m | 900ft | fl | Pro

    The World Trade Center
    though this site is likely to remain dormant for the near future, its potential is apparently not being ignored. YIMBY recently scooped these plans from 2014 which would've seen Tower 5 become a supertall. Zombified Plans Revealed for Supertall 5 World Trade Center
  12. Alternative WTC redevelopment plans

    The World Trade Center
    found some high quality versions of old renderings for different architects' visions for 'ground zero'
  13. Downtown | 4 WTC - 150 Greenwich Street | 298m | 977ft | 65 fl | Com

    The World Trade Center
    Silverstein signs SNY at 4WTC photos from the official 4 WTC website:
  14. Downtown | 3WTC - 175 Greenwich Street | 328m | 1079ft | 69 fl | Com

    The World Trade Center
    Lord Rogers’s Tower 3 at 175 Greenwich Street, between Dey and Cortlandt Streets, is a flat-topped building with asymmetrical shoulders and the diagonal beams of the exoskeletal framework (on the sides) seem to echo the rooftop of Tower 2. The building will rise 1,155 feet, reaching the higher...
  15. TALLINN | World Trade Center | 5x 36.5m | 5x 11fl | App

    This extension of Tallinn World Trade Center would result massive overhaul of existing office quarter at addresses of Ahtri tn.8/10/12 and Narva mnt.11A,11B,11C ,11F. In the future WTC quarter would have 5 midrises,each 11-storeys high. Ahtri street end would be elevated and would create wide...
  16. Deutsche Bank Building |

    North and South America
    Black Building near the middle Demolished in 2007 after damage from attacks.
  17. Complejos WTC - Detallado

    Tablero de Dibujo
    Estimados foristas de SSC Argentina: Dado que se acaba de anunciar la realización futura de complejos pertenecientes a la franquicia World Trade Center en Argentina, mi idea es mostrar los diferentes complejos que existen en el mundo. En la actualidad hay 330 complejos aproximadamente, en 100...
  18. PROYECTO | World Trade Center Tijuana | Primera etapa

    La puerta de entrada al intercambio comercial internacional. Proveedor de herramientas estratégicas para hacer negocios alrededor del mundo. El WTC Tijuana es un concepto que integra espacios para oficinas corporativas, centro de exposiciones, salas de juntas ejecutivas, así como una oficina...
  19. Addition to the new World Trade Center

    As many other people around the world, I too was disappointed by the new WTC. I actually like all of the buildings they're building but what I don't like is that they are building only a replacement for the North Tower (1WTC). Yes, they'll build three other skyscrapers but all of them are...
  20. the world trade center complex in 3d

    the origenal world trade center complex in 3d the way it was before terrorism nocked them down the intire complex is being build using google sketchup using drawing and lots of photos to make the textures it wil not be n simple box shape model with some textures it wil look almost like the real...