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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Iémen é um país árabe que ocupa a extremidade sudoeste da Península da Arábia. É limitado a norte pela Arábia Saudita, a leste por Omã, a sul pelo mar da Arábia e pelo golfo de Áden, do outro lado do qual se estende a costa da Somália e a oeste pelo estreito de Bab el Mandeb, que o separa de...
  2. General Middle East Discussion
    :banana::banana: Yemenis have all the reasons to hate this guy, in power since 1978, he brought them nothing positive and was even considering to be nominated "President for life" before these new protests (the biggest since 1978)! Who's net?
  3. Highways & Autobahns
    Yemen is one of the most fascinating counties in the world to visit, and yet receives the least tourists. Unfortunately, it has received some bad press recently and over the last years. The main concern for visitors is kidnapping since foreigners may be a target particularly in Saada, to the...
  4. Rate Our Skylines
    Shibam was founded in the 16th century. And has been given the nickname "Manhattan of the desert". The oldest towers in the city is 400+ yeras old, and the highest towers are on 16 floors. All the towers are made of mud and palme-leaves. Every family or tribe has their own tower.
1-4 of 5 Results