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All parts of my big Paris Series, 11-26/July 2005

I TLV-CDG + Preview
II La Grande Voyage
III Liberte-Egalite-Fraternite
IV The Bastille day
V Art Moderne
VI Suns-et-Montparnasse
VII Montmartre et Droite
VIII Le Tour Eiffel
IX Le Trampers d'la Ile-de France
X Art & Around
XI Bellevillumiere

STATISTICS, figures, lists and numbers

Photos: 807 posted in the series
1160 Taken
Avg. pics/day: 72.5
Total Size: ~240 MB posted in the series
3.4 GB total original 8MP size (after stiching Panoramas)
Avg. picture size: ~300KB

Times walking Avenue des Goblins: many many times
Times passing through Jardin de Luxemburg: many times
Times eating Alberto's Icecream in Rue mouftard: not enough
Times crossing the Seine: 24 ( hope i counted it right)

Days NOT using any kind of Public transport: 9/15 (i didn't count the last day 'cause we took the RER to the Airport..)
Kilometers walked in the first day: about 5 DOZENS of them
Kilometers walked in the WRONG direction in the Giverny day (part IX): ~7

High Viewpoints visited::: by parts

I- the Air
II- Meudon, St. Cloud, Mt. Valerien (and the hills in the way), Grand Arche
III- none.
IV - Arc de Triomphe
V - Pompidu center
VI - Tour Montparnasse
VII - Montmartre (Basilique du sacre coeur)
VIII - Musee d'Orsay, Tour Eiffel
IX - Hills and more hills and lots of them
X - Notre Dame, Musee du Louvre,
XI - Giant Rock in the Zoo, Parc Belleville, Galleries Lafayete's roof

Total number of Observations: 15 (not including the Air and lots of hills)

alright, i'm out of funny stats for now,
So, how did you enjoy the series?
what was your favorite Part?
what was your favorite picture?

Here are my Favorites **WARNING!! 40MB!!**

all pics and many more can be found throughout the 11 threads

the BEST

note: no scroll marks, sorry.

Street Level




Sun & Sky







So, That's it.

I really hope you enjoyed the series as much as i did
Photographing, editing and of course Being in all of this places around Paris.
Paris will always have a special spot at my heart, i hope to visit her again as soon as i can.
now i'm about to make a journey in India next month, after that i
hope to tour Israel, My country and after that i'll probably be in the IDF..

Soon more pics from Israel.


Large scale Aerial Pics of Tel Aviv from the flight



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What a work !!
Congrats for so many views and different places
what il like in your shots is that they are very realistic, they show as if you were , it' not a photgraph's fantasy though they offer beautiful and studied perspectives.

If I had one regret though, it's the fact that, like many photographies about paris on this site, you focused on the monumental Paris, forgetting a bit the stree life, the atmosphere of place where Parisians live and work, have fun....

As an Israeli, I would have appreciate how you see, feel, in Paris, your impressions with the French you met, if it was as you expected, what you disliked, liked, preferred .... Did you visit places related to Jewih culture, etc...

At any cas your photographies are like a special report that give quite a large perspective about differents place of Paris and it's a pleasure to see them and accompany your walks and discoveries. thanks again

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Paris is impressive. I like everything about it. I would definitely live there. :righton:

Thanks for the huge fantastic post man! ;)
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