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Hola! located in suramerica Colombia.
well-known like the capital of the eternal spring by its privileged climate.
with a population of 3300000 inhabitants approximately.
she is one of the beautiful and organized cities but of Latin America.
by its production of flowers, she is well-known also like the city of the flowers. i
t is epicenter of the economy of the coffee of Colombia,
in the mountains that surround it it cultivates the best coffee of the world: coffee of Colombia.
it has been designated like capital of the culture and education in Latin America.
native land of Fernando botero, Juanes, Juan valdez & conchita and precious women......
.the great world is much more but of which we create, saludos!

Botero square

Grüße !!

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Nicht meinen und Michael Spelters Sprache sprechen! Dies von einen Google-Übersetzung!
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