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You have to see Cakraz in Amasra/Bartin..Cakraz is 14 km to Amasra which is in the north west Blacksea region.It is so small and beautiful location..with a beach and small pensions..To reach to Cakraz you have to climb mountains and go down..Because the geography in the region is pretty rough because of mountains..You should see Cakraz

The buildings in the pics are small hotels..Many people visit Cakraz in the weekend..I have seen tourists too..

about 3 hours from Ankara...

You should eat these from the motel's restaurant..

Pics from (Cakraz Motel)

You may need reservation..

Cakraz Motel
Cakraz Sahil Hotel
Cakraz Umut Hotel
Cakraz Pasha Hotel
Asiyan Pension

Yakamoz Fish Restaurant

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