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İSTANBUL | İstanbul Tennis Complex | 1 Arena (8.000) + 91 Court

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Garanti Koza has announced its project developed for wta istanbul cup.
The complex is still under construction and the first arena which has a capacity of 5000 will be finished till may 22th and this year's final matches will be held here...second arena which will have a capacity of 10000-12000 is going to be finished in a year.the complex will also have two 2000-capacity court and 31 courts with a capacity of between 100-1000..

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Vay be Sagmacilara tenis arenasi :D Bugunleride mi gorecektim. :bow:

Yapimi bitti mi buranin? Ticketturk biletleri satmaya baslamis. TicketTurk linki.
1 - 1 of 102 Posts
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