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İSTANBUL | İstanbul Tennis Complex | 1 Arena (8.000) + 91 Court

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Garanti Koza has announced its project developed for wta istanbul cup.
The complex is still under construction and the first arena which has a capacity of 5000 will be finished till may 22th and this year's final matches will be held here...second arena which will have a capacity of 10000-12000 is going to be finished in a year.the complex will also have two 2000-capacity court and 31 courts with a capacity of between 100-1000..

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It looks cheaply built. Where are the locker rooms for the players? Or the ammenities such as food and drink stands for the fans?

It looks like a stadium that is built just to be taken down after one tournament. They can do much better than this.
Yes, I realise the stadium is still under construction. It just looks like it is a temporary stadium because of what is being used to build it looks like it can be taken apart very quickly after the tournament.

BTW, The real Tennis stadium they are building looks beautiful. I think it is going to be great for Istanbul to have a top tennis tournament.
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Istanbullu said:
^^Man can you really read? :) Kuvvaci says it's a temporary complex so it's normal that it looks like one...
It was never made clear that this would be temporary. They just showed photos of this one and since nobody said it was the temporary one I assumed it was the real one.
1 - 3 of 102 Posts
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