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Here are some pictures and information about Marmaray, Underground and underwater railway-subway tunnel between two continents. The tunnel will be 56 metre deep...

When project complated, it will carry 75.000 passengers per hour.

It's under construction now and will be openned in 2010. Archeological works delayed the main contruction for a while, but it started. :)

Underground Section Opening: October 29, 2013
Banlieue Section Opening: June 15, 2015
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One of those "wooow" projects :eek:kay:
I have no words,

Hopefully everything goes well and it will be completed according to plan!
BTW at the map, red lines ae current lines wich will be connected by tunnel. So, connection between both airports will be complated as well :)
Is there going to be a metro line to Sabiha Gökçen?
yes, of course, there is a propsed line. they will give a link to Marmaray...
A mind-blowingly cool project.

who is the architect, please?
Yes it is! For me, it's one of the most important three project of Istanbul.

this looks great

Uskudar station looks best imo :D
Five giant mole machines (TAB) start to open the underwater tunnel soon. Four of them is coming from Japan and otherone is from Canada. These moles also cover the inside of tunnel with 55 cm concrete beside piercing. This is why they will be buried in a special place at the tunnel after they finish thier jobs and stay there forever

For underground and underwater tunnels four different systems are being used...

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You can see some construction photos here. This platform is strengthening the ground under other at the Bosphorus. They are using a special injection method for this, so it is not harming the natural life of the water.

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Thanks for the update, this is one of the biggest and most important projects in Turkey at the moment IMO.
you are welcome. Porject is going on, but will have a break for a few months due to moving season of the fishes. At the meanwhile ground constructions will be continuing. And when fishes pass here, consturcution will start again with the beginning of June and tubes of tunnel will be settled...
Kuvvaci said:
you are welcome. Porject is going on, but will have a break for a few months due to moving season of the fishes.
How very considerate of the construction workers :D
cant wait to use this metro and underwater tunnel
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