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ŁÓDŹ | New City Center | U/C

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Łódź New City Center is the biggest ongoing gentrification program in Europe. It covers 20% of the city. The New City Center is going to be ready at 2022.

There are some essential fasilities already constructed in the new district, like Łódź Fabryczna railway station:

...interactive Centre for Science and Technology EC1:

...and the Planetary EC1. The Planetary won the "7 New Wonders of Poland" contest organised by National Geographic Traveler.

Both, the Center and the Planetary are located in revitalized heat and power plant.

Gentrification is also done in XIX'th century residential district Księży Młyn:

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Why don't they build skyscrapers in Lodz? It's the third city in Poland, and the twenty-seventh in the EU...
From time to time flame wars appear on the Polish SSC section in the threads about Łódź concerning whether there should be skyscrapers in Łódź or not :)

Why not? Because there is still a lot of unoccupied areas in the city center, and there is simply no need to go up when the city has space to spread "horizontally". For example, this exact area which is gonna be the "new city center".

Another obstacle, for the region of the city where the skyscrapers would be most desired, is that you can't go too high over there because it would interrupt the operation of the airport, which is quite close to the city center (and this is one of the advantages of Łódź).
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