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ŁÓDŹ | New City Center | U/C

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Łódź New City Center is the biggest ongoing gentrification program in Europe. It covers 20% of the city. The New City Center is going to be ready at 2022.

There are some essential fasilities already constructed in the new district, like Łódź Fabryczna railway station:

...interactive Centre for Science and Technology EC1:

...and the Planetary EC1. The Planetary won the "7 New Wonders of Poland" contest organised by National Geographic Traveler.

Both, the Center and the Planetary are located in revitalized heat and power plant.

Gentrification is also done in XIX'th century residential district Księży Młyn:

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Finally a thread has been opened about this amazing city. Shocking that the revitalization of this city has been so far overlooked. Oh well better late than never. :)

We visited this city for the first time 5 years ago when the new central train station was a hole in the ground, still loved how many original 19th and 20th buildings this city has, massive wholesale destruction in Poland during WWII luckily bypassed Lodz. It probably also has the most surviving industrial buildings from the 1800's on the continent that are being retrofitted for offices, loft, high tech incubators etc. It has a really interesting vibe, hope to see lots more projects posted.
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With or without the short term effects of an expo, Lodz is going through a revitalization boom that is changing the city very rapidly.
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