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Pavlo said:
That's a sweet mall, what's the area, sq.m.
some info :

The Manufaktura complex was developed by Apsys on the edge of the prime retail area in Łódź.

Manufaktura project is 270 000 square meters area. It provides approximately 100,000 sq m of shopping and leisure floorspace.

This is a redevelopment project of a former industrial, historical listed area (27 hectares plot).

A marketplace is the central part of the architectural design surrounded by restaurants, cafes, entertainment facilities (a bowling alley, discos) and sports facilities (a skate park, climbing wall, fitness club, swimming pool).

The leisure component of the scheme includes a 15 - screen Cinema City multiplex cinema (including IMAX). In addition, the complex will include a Museum of Contemporary Art, which will be developed by the Łodz voivodship.

from Manufaktura web page :

The manufaktura presents huge size shopping, culture and entertainment offer.


You will be able to see the Art Museum within Manufaktura walls. You will see modern art collection – pieces by polish and foreigner artists. You will be able to visit Museum of Place that will present you the history of the factory wall and its surrounding areas. Manufaktura’s youngest guest will be able to spend some time at places designed especially for them such Educational Museum for Kids. There will be activities that will educate children about physics laws, architecture and how the television set works. Adults and children will be able to see the City of Lodz Museum exposition located at Palac Poznanski.


There are two stories with 220 small stores, 30 medium size stores and two chain retailers Geant and LeroyMerlin. In addition, there are 45 boutiques and 5 mid size stores outside the walls. There is very wide range of products offered: food, textiles, beauty products, jewelry, shoes, interior decorations, gifts and electronics. There is a choice of various home and international brands. Manufaktura also offers different services such service alley, antiques stores and many more. Shopping in the center of the city, many products to choose from and breath taking environment makes visiting Manufactura a pleasant experience.


The inter field spread over 6 acre of land. It is a new life center for the city of Lodz. This is a great place for the music concerts, meetings with friends, festivals, outside parties. The post factory buildings have climbing wall, bowling alley, fitness center, 15 screens movie theater and IMAX -3D cinema. You will be able to satisfy hunger at one of many restaurants. There will be a club “Elektrownia-Power Station” that will have very original interior design. Enjoy.

Manufaktura will offer variety of solutions for businesses. There will be modern conference room and office center. The old historical textile building will be transformed into three star hotel.

Manufaktura is a unique place on Polish as well as international arena. There are many factors that make this place special. Manufatura is the biggest remodeling project in Europe. It brings together modern forms of architectures, materials with the old industrial history of the old walls. Its purpose is to provide entertainment, shopping and culture experience for its visitors. It has original interior design and great location at the center of the city. All those factors make Manufaktura great place to visit by families, tourists and business man from Poland and other countries.

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actually I noticed there was already a thread about this here:

But I love it, especially when they modernize old structures like these and make them into something useful.
Especially with these ruins of our industrial past, when some were real architectural beauties, a testament to progress, it would have been a shame to let it rot... They do it all over western europe (and I'm thinking about the industrial north of Europe), like Lille, Brussels, and most of all, Glasgow and Manchester
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