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Μάνη | Mani

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These are some pictures i took during my recent ( and sadly, quick ) trip to the land where my father was born - Mani. I took photos from my father's home village ( Piontes ) and also from Lagia and Areopolis. I hope that you will find them interesting. Take note that i am not a proffesional photographer, and that the photos you see are a very small example of what you can see if you ever visit Mani. In no way this is a complete photo gallery of Mani.

This is the statue of Petros ( or Petrobey ) Mavromichalis in Areopoli. In this town, the Greek war for indepedence was started in 17 of march 1821.

Close up to the statue

A small church in the central square, where the Mavromichalis statue is

The street leading to the "old town" of Areopolis

The old town.

After a few meters of walking in the old town you come upon a square and to the back side of the church of Agioi Theodoroi

To the right of the church there is the square

The plaque reads: "from this historic square the great revolution started under the leadership of Petrobey, in 17 of march 1821"

Towards the front side of the church

Another view of a street in Areopoli

Near Areopolis also you can see the famous caves of Diros, visited by hundreds of tourists every year. You can find much more info about them ( and about Mani in general ) here:

Leaving Areopolis now....

Passing through the small seaside village of Kokkala

Another shot from Kokkala

A final shot of the village as we continue south.

The typical landscape of Mani.. A small hidden village among the mountains.

Entering Lagia, A somewhat large village South of Kokkala.

Lagia again... The ruins of centuries-old tower-houses.

Again, the same.

Lagia, as is common with most Mani villages looks more like a fort, than a village...

A church

Lagia is also the home village of the famous old actress Aliki Vougiouklaki. The tower in the background and right of the photo ( back of the house in the front ) belongs to her family.

Another tower in Lagia

Leaving Lagia now and on to Piontes ( Piontes is a very small village a few km south of Lagia, and mostly abandoned. It is also, my father's home village )

Another shot of the Mani landscape

Entering Piontes

This is a street in Piontes .... most houses sadly lay in ruins

The central tower in the village. Or what is left of the tower anyway...

That was all. I hope that you found the photos interesting. :)
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How can one not admire the beauty of this region. My Papou was from leonidio, but the whole pelops captured my heart.
Αθάνατη Μάνη!!! Να είσαι καλά ρε Spartan_X, μας έφτιαξες με τις ωραίες φωτογραφίες από τη Μάνη. Thanks :)
My grandfather was from Mani as well. This land is amazing. Thank you spartan for the great photos.
amazing photos...such a unique place...the towers of Mani are outstanding.
gia sou re patrioti, o pateras mou eine apo tin arna,mani 4ever :)

ps: o thios mou exi ena magazi me aromatika fita kai botana,auto eine to site
ama thelete tpt kana e3agoges pantou :p
Mani - end of the world

A collection of photos from the tough land of MANH

This is the End

Βάθεια (Vatheia)

Agios Kyprianos

Fisherman's bay


Secret Village



The ship of Greece is cruising the seas

Or is this the end?

by various photographers
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Spartan, έχεις κάπου αλλού τις φωτογραφίες, για να τις ξανανεβάσεις και να ενώσουμε τα δύο threads για τη Μάνη?
Metro τώρα είδα οτι ο server διέγραψε τις φωτογραφίες ... :( Ναι τις έχω τις φωτογραφίες, θα τις ανεβάσω όσο ποίο σύντομα μπορώ πάλι.
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Πολύ όμορφες φωτογραφίες ... Γερολιμένας... Αγιος Κυπριανός... Βάθεια... Λάγια. Αυτά είναι τα μέρη μου. Η Μάνη είναι εκπληκτικό μερός... Σκληρός τόπος, επιβλητικός και αγέρωχος, αντέχει στο πέρασμα του χρόνου και σε μαγεύει. Οπως οι πάντοτινα ελεύθεροι ανθρώποι, που τη κατοικούν.
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It is really amaizing...very much preserved and the old architecture blends well with soroundings. well done
Πανέμορφες φωτογραφίες και καταπληκτικά τα πέτρινα σπίτια. Κρίμα που είναι εγκαταλελειμμένα και που κτίζονται ανάμεσα τους τα άσχημα συνηθισμένα κτίρια. Δύσκολο είναι να κατασκευάσεις μια πινακίδα από ξύλο με την αναγραφή ”Κρεοπωλείο – Ψησταριά”;
Dystyxws den exw kanei pote mia episkepsei sth Mani para to gegonos pou exw rizes apo thn perioxh (o papous mou). Twra pou exei perasei to kalokairi kai to epomeno kalokairi 8a eimai fantaros den prosblepw oti 8a exw thn eukairia 8a perasw apo ekei se dyo xronia.

Mia panemorfh perioxh ths Elladas, prosopika 8ewrw th Mani E8niko 8ysauro. :cheers:
Mani....! Intersting name...!!! beautiful landscape and nature....!!!!
Thank you guys for sharing this foto....!!!
Mani....! Intersting name...!!! beautiful landscape and nature....!!!!
Thank you guys for sharing this foto....!!!
Yes mani/μάνη or μανία, it means madness,furor in ancient Greek. The english word maniac comes from it as well as in many other languages(Albanian language included :mani=furor). Also Μαινάδες/Maenads, the female companions of Dionysus, took their name from the word μάνη. In many ways it fits the special character of the people of Mani. Even the Vikings were known to avoid Mani. 25% of my origin is from there ( one grandmother whose both parents were from there). i am not sure though if that is good or not:lol:
A few pictures from the 'Exo Mani' in the Kardamyli area (Lefktrou) with a shot of the Vikos Gorge with Tseria on one side and Exohori on the other (difficult to see)....beach shot is nearby to 'Doli'.

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Another picture from the Exo Mani.....'Prosilio' just above Kardamyli.

The village was previously known as Liasinova and has a fine church 'Agios Georgios'.

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Awesome, beautiful those new photos from Mani :cheers:
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