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website recommended by the national organization of tourism.
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Which Greek island should you go to?

CNN) -- Greece's 1,400 islands -- 230 of them inhabited -- are one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful assets.

From the Ionian, up by Albania in the northwest, to the Dodecanese, near Turkey in the southeast, they offer vacations you can't get many other places.

Each of the island groups has its unique allure, plus some of the most picturesque seascapes on Earth.

But for sheer variety in a small radius, proximity to Athens' ferry port at Piraeus and the best inter-island boat connections, none compete with the Cyclades.

We present the top nine islands in and around the Cyclades, each with its marquee attraction (for ferry schedules, check or
Click the link for the full article.
Hi there AleksLazarevic.
Kastelorizo does have an airport, but it is connected only with the island of Rhodes. So if you want to fly to Kastelorizo, you have to get to Rhodes first and fly with Olympic Airways from there with a Dash-8 100. There is a flight everyday of the week. During the summer, it is not that easy though to find tickets.
Alternitavely, there are a frequent ferry connection and fast catamaran (2,5 hrs) from Rhodes as well.

I found this page checking for the timetables. You may find it useful.

I also stumbled on this page concerning island hopping in the Aegean, which you also might find interesting.

For Santorini, you can check out the timetables given by Olympic/Aegean airways or alternatively Blue star ferries.

I found this page concerning general info, traveling to Santorini.

It seems that Thomas Cook etc fly to Santorini. I don't know if there are direct charter flights from London. But Santorini is connected to Athens by plane and you can also take a ferry or highspeed from Piraeus (the port of Athens).

Santorini is also connected by ferry with Rhodes, if that helps you with visiting Kastelorizo.

I also found some info on the ferries from Athens to Santorini here.

In any case, hope you have a great time. :)
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Αφιέρωμα: Tips για την Πελοπόννησο


Φανταστικό δάσος Στροφυλιάς
Από τη μία η λιμνοθάλασσα Προκοπίου και το έλος της Λάμιας. Από την άλλη οι αμμόλοφοι της υπέροχης παραλίας Καλογριά. Ανάμεσά τους το περίφημο δάσος κουκουναριάς, στα σύνορα Αχαΐας - Ηλείας. Πεύκα, βελανιδιές, αριές, μυρτιές, βάλτοι, ρυάκια και ατέλειωτα μονοπάτια. Παντελής απουσία ανθρώπων. Την άνοιξη, εκτός από τις βουτιές στην Καλογριά, θα έχετε την ευκαιρία για υπέροχους περιπάτους ανάμεσα σε ανθισμένα αγριολούλουδα -μεταξύ των οποίων αρκετές ορχιδέες- αλλά και για συναντήσεις με πουλιά που μόλις έχουν καταφτάσει στον υδροβιότοπο Κοτυχίου - Στροφυλιάς από την Αφρική (προσοχή στα αυγά που κάποια είδη αφήνουν στην άμμο).

Αφιέρωμα: Tips για την κεντρική και Νότια Εύβοια

Καταπράσινος Πλατανιστός
Είκοσι χιλιόμετρα ανατολικά της Καρύστου, ο Πλατανιστός πάει κόντρα στη γενικευμένη εντύπωση που θέλει τη νότια Εύβοια άγονη και άνυδρη. Η πνιγμένη στη βλάστηση πλατανοσκέπαστη ρεματιά παίρνει τα πάνω της την άνοιξη και τα νερά είναι πιο πλούσια από ποτέ. Στην είσοδο του χωριού, σύντομο μονοπάτι σάς φέρνει στο πρώτο πέτρινο γεφύρι, στην έξοδό του βρίσκεται ο οκτώ μέτρων καταρράκτης και στο Πανοχώρι άλλο ένα πέτρινο γεφύρι, o μύλος και οι πηγές. Αν ο καιρός το επιτρέπει και δεν διστάζετε να κολυμπήσετε στο ποτάμι, διασχίστε το όλο έως ότου καταλήξετε στην απίθανη παραλία Ποτάμι.
Αφιέρωμα: Tips για τη Ρούμελη


Ο άγνωστος Ελικώνας
Το αγαπημένο βουνό των μουσών και του Ησιόδου διατηρεί ήπιο και σεμνό τουριστικά χαρακτήρα. Μόλις σε μιάμιση ώρα από την Αθήνα, θα βρεθείτε στον Ζαγαρά και στον ανατολικό Ελικώνα, έτοιμοι να εξερευνήσετε ένα παρθένο τοπίο με απίθανες διαδρομές μέσα σε δρυς και έλατα. Μπορείτε επίσης να κάνετε μια στάση στον καταρράκτη της Πέτρας αλλά και σε χωριά όπως η Αγία Αννα (Κούκουρα), με πολλές παραδοσιακές ταβέρνες και φιλόξενα καταλύματα. Συνεχίστε προς την καρδιά του βουνού, για να περπατήσετε ανάμεσα στα έλατα της Αρβανίτσας, ή ακολουθήστε το δρόμο προς τον Κορινθιακό και τις παραλίες του. Η εναλλαγή βουνού - θάλασσας είναι θαυμάσια. Το Κυριάκι ως κεφαλοχώρι συγκεντρώνει τις περισσότερες ταβέρνες, αλλά και ξενώνες.
Generally speaking, the weather all over Greece is fine that time of year, but the winter this year is full of surprises and seems endless... :eek:hno:

Found a site that gives weather info for Kavala, a mainland city close to Thasos.

Survival Guide


PHONENUMBERS FOR AIRPORTS, PORTS, RADIOTAXIS, EMERGENCY NUMBERS or tripadvisor or airbnb are probably the most used websites in Greece for such searches.
Τop 10 experiences for a first time tourist in Greece

One of the world’s leading travel guides, Lonely Planet, guides its readers to discover what Greece has to offer by presenting 10 experiences that every tourist must have when visiting Greece for the first time.

With its sparkling white beaches, crystalline water and venerable ancient sites, Greece lives up to all the hype. Most first-time visitors will arrive and depart through Athens, which makes an excellent jumping-off point or punctuation at the end of the trip, but beyond that it’s time to explore.
Holiday ideas in Greece: readers’ travel tips

Macedonia region

Nymphaio is a beautifully preserved mountain village. It has fresh cool air and no crowds, even in high season. Stay at Argyro guesthouse and enjoy stunning views, lavish breakfasts (homemade loukoumades and rosewater rice pudding set you up for a long day’s hiking). There is also a bear sanctuary at Arcturos environmental centre that cares for animals rescued from circuses and zoos in the region.

Hand Picked Greece food tours, Crete

Cooking holidays in Crete are a great way to experience the island. Personable enthusiasts we met at an olive farm – where you can also pick other vegetables from the garden – communicated their passion for food, wine and local life. The accommodation was lovely.
Greek island holiday guide: the north-east Aegean

Some islands fall easily into groups, others are left hanging and are gathered into more arbitrary designations. The latter is true of the north-east Aegean, which includes a hodgepodge of islands stretching from lush Samos in the south – just off the coast of Turkey – up to Thassos, 400km to the north and closer to Bulgaria than it is to Athens.

In between are an isolated stretch of islands, often far apart from each other and not well connected. Perhaps because of this, and the difficulty of labelling them easily together, these islands are often overlooked. For those prepared to travel a bit further afield, this is a bonus as, apart from midsummer, they tend to be uncrowded and unspoilt.

Samos is the nearest thing this group gets to “well-known destination”, but it is still more easily reached from Turkey than most of the rest of Greece. It does have its resorts but is big and diverse enough to still reward visitors. It is probably the most instantly attractive of the group.
Greek island holiday guide: the Dodecanese

The Dodecanese translates as “the twelve islands”, of which the most well-known to the British traveller are the green expanses of Rhodes and Kos. Those who know their biblical history will have heard of Patmos, where St John wrote his Book of Revelation. In recent years canny visitors have been heading for lesser-known islands. Karpathos, the third biggest of the chain, has a stunning coastline divided between the beaches and bays of the south, and the rough crags of the north. Smaller Kalymnos, Kasos, Kastellorizo and Symi are less lush than their bigger companions but all have elegant harbours – a legacy of their trading past – and rocky interiors that offer good walking.

Nisyros, built on a still-active volcano, is a different story, and its dramatic, blackened, landscapes will please geology lovers. Astypalea, on its own to the west of the other islands, feels more part of the Cyclades than the Dodecanese. The more benevolent landscape of Leros and the low-key, and little-visited, charms of Tilos bring the count of 12 to an end.
with a google search I bumped into this

Adults 3.00 €

Private Cars (up to 4.25m) 16.00 €
Private Cars (over 4.25m) 20.00 €

I f the car is above 4.25m the price is 20 euros plus two adult tickets *3 euros = 26euros total.
It depends on what you consider interesting.
Beaches, partylife, archaeological sites, museums, nature, local colors, urbanity?
From one side of the country to the other you can find plenty to do.
Can you be more psecific?
I am thinking about holidays in Europe next summer. Please, recommend something interesting in your country for a guy of European origin coming there for one week, up to 10 days. Thx in adv.
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