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Visit Crete..!

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I want to ask you how much do you pay when you go to Thassos from Keramoti? I payed today 27 euro for BMW 3 series and 2 persons. Car is below 4.5meters. On the site I saw some other prices - 16 euro for car and 3 per person. Thank you.
with a google search I bumped into this

Adults 3.00 €

Private Cars (up to 4.25m) 16.00 €
Private Cars (over 4.25m) 20.00 €

I f the car is above 4.25m the price is 20 euros plus two adult tickets *3 euros = 26euros total.
It depends on what you consider interesting.
Beaches, partylife, archaeological sites, museums, nature, local colors, urbanity?
From one side of the country to the other you can find plenty to do.
Can you be more psecific?
I am thinking about holidays in Europe next summer. Please, recommend something interesting in your country for a guy of European origin coming there for one week, up to 10 days. Thx in adv.
If you are interested in Hellenic culture through millennia visit The Hellenic World (Foundation of the Major Hellenism).


Send an email to the foundation ensuring that film productions are available in English. I am almost certain they are.

If you like pub night out I recommend this one: (James Joyce Irish Pub Ltd)
Very close to Thisseio(Thissio) train station. It is a convenient choice as you can combine it with the tourists popular "long footpath walk around the Acropolis hill". Not to far from there is the "Thanasis Kebab"(Monastiraki Sqr) which is iconic shop among the countless businesses of this kind. Please remember that "kebab in Greek slang" is not related to pieces of meat on a skewer. It is a long piece of mince combined mass(Pork, lamb, beef) on a skewer! Boundaries of languages ...

In terms of natural beauty the true treasure of the country is outside the cities. It's in the jungles of the Greek mainland mountains and the many little details along the countless islands coasts(Total length 13.676 km / ).
I am thinking about holidays in Europe next summer. Please, recommend something interesting in your country for a guy of European origin coming there for one week, up to 10 days. Thx in adv.
Πάρα πολύ καλό το eternal journey παραπάνω. Τα κείμενα πολύ προσεκτικά γραμμένα και με περιεχόμενο ουσίας.

Πλάνα είναι πανεύκολο να βρεις αφού η περιοχή είναι από τα πιο ακριβά οικόπεδα του πλανήτη και μάλιστα με ανεκτίμητο κλίμα και απίστευτες συνθήκες ειδικά κατά το μισό χρόνο.

Ένα πράγμα με δυσαρέστησε λίγο και είναι η εναλλαγή στις φράσεις όπου γινόταν ένα ίσως και ενάμισι κλικ γρηγορότερα απ ότι θα έπρεπε.
Όντας αρκετά εξοικειωμένος με σκηνές από το σύνολο της ελληνικής επικράτειας, δυστυχώς μέχρι να συνειδητοποιήσω στο background τι εικόνα έβλεπα άλλαζαν στο foreground οι φράσεις και δεν μπορούσα να απολαύσω τις αντιστοιχίσεις μεταξύ λόγου και εικόνας.

Βρήκα ωστόσο τρόπο και το έσωσα για πάντα στο εξωτερικό μου drive.
Vestiges of an Empire

Mystras and Monemvasia, the great Byzantine castles of the Peloponnese, remain alive and convey to visitors all the story of the past.
Μια διαφορετική ξενάγηση στη βυζαντινή Αθήνα

Η Αθήνα είναι μια πόλη κρυμμένων «θησαυρών». Μπορεί να μην έχει την προφανή ομορφιά και τη μεγαλοπρέπεια άλλων ευρωπαϊκών πρωτευουσών, όμως διαθέτει χαρακτήρα και πολλές μικρές και μεγαλύτερες γωνιές, καμιά φορά άγνωστες, που αξίζει τον κόπο να τις εξερευνήσει κανείς και τελικά να εντυπωσιαστεί. Εξίσου συναρπαστική με την ανακάλυψη νέων τόπων όμως είναι και αυτή των γεύσεων, οι οποίες επίσης μπορούν να μας ξαφνιάσουν ευχάριστα και –γιατί όχι– να μας ταξιδέψουν ακόμα και πίσω στον χρόνο. Λαμβάνοντας αυτά υπ’ όψιν, η εταιρεία Big Olive του Γιάννη Ζάρα, η οποία δραστηριοποιείται στον χώρο των θεματικών, σεμιναριακού τύπου ξεναγήσεων στην πόλη, εγκαινιάζει τον κύκλο ειδικών διαδρομών Ιστορίας και Γαστρονομίας.

Πόσοι άραγε από τους κατοίκους της Αθήνας έχουν ανέβει ώς το δάσος της Καισαριανής και τη βυζαντινή μονή που βρίσκεται μέσα σε αυτό; Βρίσκεται μόλις λίγα λεπτά με το αυτοκίνητο από το κέντρο της πρωτεύουσας. Περνώντας εκεί το μεσημέρι Σαββάτου, καλεσμένοι της Big Olive για ένα preview του περιπάτου «Του Υμηττού το Μέλι» –ο συγκεκριμένος επιλέχθηκε από το περιοδικό πτήσεων της Iberia και βρέθηκε στη διάθεση 1,5 εκατομμυρίου επιβατών–, μπορέσαμε κι εμείς να εκτιμήσουμε τη φυσική ομορφιά καθώς και την ιστορικότητα του τόπου· ταυτόχρονα απολαύσαμε ένα μενού γεύσεων με αγνά υλικά και άρωμα βυζαντινό.
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Why I Love Greece
By Korina Miller, Writer

I first visited Greece as an 18-year-old, sleeping on the decks of slow-moving ferries, living on olives and feta, and constantly salt-crusted from swimming in the deep blue Aegean. But it was a starlit performance at the 3rd-century BC Theatre of Epidavros that sealed my love of the country. Watching the ancient Greek drama unfold before me as I sat on stone seats worn smooth by thousands of years of use, I felt caught in a moment that seemed to sidestep time. I love Greece because magical moments like that one aren’t so hard to find here.
Read more:

20 destinations you must visit in 2016

11. Ios, Cycladic Islands, Greece

Now we’ve all signed up to save the planet, a few people have to physically make this happen. A Greek philanthropist and philosopher-king has just bought a third of the unspoilt Cycladic island of Ios – to preserve its staggering natural beauty and to allow people to love the living of life, luxuriously and responsibly. Some 95 per cent of the land is going to remain untouched.

13. Peloponnese, Greece

Old and new can make intriguing bedfellows. And there’s no doubt that the Peloponnese delivers when it comes to “old”. This colossal peninsula, swelling for more than 8,300 square miles at the south-west corner of Greece, was the arena in which many of the country’s ancient dramas played out.
The 50 best beaches in the world
7 Fakistra, Greece

More of a cove than a beach, backed by cliffs and dense woods, with white sands and pebbles and clear blue waters – is Fakistra on the Pelion peninsula (mainland Greece), below Tsagarada village. It’s a steep walk down but it’s the sort of place that, apart from in July and August, you may well have to yourself.
13 St George Beach, Naxos, Greece

Greece has no shortage of gorgeous beaches, but when it comes to accessible and child-friendly options, the Cyclades island of Naxos is hard to beat. One of the best bets for families can be found within a five-minute walk of Naxos Town (Chora). The warm, shallow waters of St George beach are perfect for paddling and snorkelling but there’s plenty to keep older children happy, too. At the Flisvos Sport Club, you can sign up for windsurfing, wakeboarding or waterskiing, hire a mountain bike, or play a game of beach tennis or volleyball. The beach is lined with laid-back tavernas and beach clubs which hire out sun loungers.
Wreck Diving in Greece: Top 10 Wrecks you Should Dive

Most diving destinations around the world offer an opportunity to explore marine nature. In Greece, diving also offers a look into modern history.

From the Gulf of Evia to the Saronic Gulf, both close to Athens, and the Ionian Sea in western Greece, to the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, Greece’s seabed is a vast museum of modern wrecks. Offering more than just rusted metal sheets, each wreck carries its own unique history.

Fighter planes that once tore through the skies, World War II naval submarines and destroyers that engaged in major battles, cargo and passenger ships that sailed the seas, lie sunken and preserved in good condition following their inglorious ends. Plunging into the waters and counting the meters is like counting the decades backwards until you reach these sunken ships and planes.
New Blog for Santorini

Hi guys,

We recently launched a new blog for Santorini island in Greece with a ton of information on ferries, things to do, restaurants, hotels, beaches etc (just google: Santorinisecrets)

Santorini's wine scene is actually booming the last 5 years even within the greek crisis.

The thing is that many people are only visiting the Santowines winery which is awesome but there are some many more (even a new one that opened last year: Vassaltis and Venetsanos).

All Santorini wineries are awesome though...
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