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What is the covid situation with ferries? I mean do we need certificates?
On Levante Ferries (Kyllini - Poros, Kefalonia) there is old news from february and it says it is needed for any certificate or negative test.

I send them an e-mail but their answer is totally wrong, about the reservation. I am asking because when entering the country nothing is needed.
Basically it is all free. No certificates are needed any more.
You will have to wear a mask if you are sitting in a non designated seat.
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Hello my fellow greek friends! I'll be staying/visiting with my wife your beautiful capital, Athens, during the first week of September. Have you guys got any recommendations in terms of neighborhood, where to rent an AirBNB, or a great place to stay with the local inhabitants or a nice hotel, anywhere with good public transport links etc Also if one of you forumers would like to meet up and be our guide for the day, show us the local food scene etc drinks on us!!!!!! Τα λέμε!
101 - 103 of 103 Posts
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