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Khorenatsi 13 new bulding

New building on Khorenatsi street.

The building near the "Shirak" hotel in Khorenatsi 13 was dismantled in 2004, when the front part was preserved.
Initially, after the privatization of the building was completed in 2004, the owners did not envisage maintaining the front line with their designs. The building is not a monument building, nor is it included in the buildings of Yerevan with architectural designs with valuable fronts.
2017 The land plot was acquired by ArmSwiss Professional CJSC, which applied to the City Hall to dismantle the semi-frontier part of the building and build a business center with underground floors. Currently, the dismantling works are carried out on the basis of the project and the demolition permit issued on 08.02.2019. By the way, by the skyscraper proposal of the company's business center construction, the front of the problem will be restored with a new approach, becoming an integral part of the interior of the complex. It should be noted that for decades, the frontal part of the building has been ruined due to precipitation.
Two sketch versions of the business center are attached.

5041 - 5060 of 5096 Posts