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A historic cinema in Liverpool is to be demolished to make way for a discount supermarket.

The Art Deco style former Curzon Cinema in Prescot Road, Old Swan will be knocked down and replaced with a Home Bargains store, after plans were today approved by councillors.

The company said the development would retain 25 existing jobs in the area and create 30 new jobs for local people.

Speaking at a Liverpool Council planning meeting, Tom Warner, from Home Bargains, said the existing building was "substandard".

He said it would not meet modern shop requirements due to its low ceilings and "irregular internal arrangements".

Mr Warner added that refurbishment costs were "prohibitively expensive" and the firm was paying for ongoing emergency repairs to make the building safe.

Architect Brian Ireland, of Glasgow-based Smith Design Associates, said water was leaking into the cinema and brickwork was becoming loose in its upper walls.

He said the new building would be lower than the existing structure and incorporate some of the style of the former cinema.
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Does the Swan still have the mock-Tudor library or has that gone since I left the area in 2004? I used to think it was medieval when I was a kid and that the Lennon's building was ancient. It all seemed so big and imposing back then (1970's). The hustle and bustle of the shops on a Saturday and the cooling red brick entries during the hot summers.

Nostalgia aside, is the round house on St Oswald St the oldest surviving building still?
I hope they leave the Tubeway Army graffiti from round the back though.
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