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☆ The Popular Somali Music Thread ♫ (various genres)

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☆ Popular Somali Music ♫ (various genres)

A new thread dedicated to posting popular Somali music is needed, since the old thread has degenerated (having been left unregulated) and is now full of videos of bad quality in every way possible (bad sound-quality, video-quality, non-existent to low production values) (Pulchritudinous12 was the main culprit posting those videos).

This thread, then, is dedicated to sharing, showcasing and appreciating the very best Somali music of non-kaban genre. This includes popular Somali music from genres that have evolved to become Somali 'jazz', electro, rock & roll and, going out on a limb, reggae.

Here are some clear ground rules for this thread:

  1. The video of song posted has to be of a good quality (both sound quality and the visual quality of the video). The video should have decent production values (i.e. NOT just a person standing in front of a green screen, wiggling from side to side :eek:hno: :doh:)
  2. Videos should not contain material that is visually pollutant, offensive or political in any way; the pictures and or videos content should not,
    within reason, detract from the music, song or the meaning/message of the song itself.
  3. Videos that show the lyrics are certainly preferred, if not encouraged.
  4. The person who posts a song can, if they so wish, provide some narrative as to what the song is about, what particular meaning
    or significance it carries etc.
  5. Posting a cover of an original song is permitted. If a good quality version of the original is found then it should also be posted.
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King Khalid: Najma

This song definitely has a reggae feel to it!

The song through the video is Deeqa Luula - Jaango ft Nimco Dareen.

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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