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《Dolce Vita》

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Diamond Coast International Kart Circuit: High speed thrills

It’s only logical that go kart racing should come to Hong Kong, after all, we’re addicted to high speed. Walking, talking and eating fast are what we do best, and driving is no exception to this hard and fast rule. To get your adrenaline pumping, head out to the city’s only go kart racing track.

Located in Tuen Mun, Diamond Coast International Kart Circuit boasts a roomy 900-meter circuit. After a crash course (not literally) in kart racing, involving a video seminar, a mini written test and a three-lap road test, you’re on your own.

Hop into a Honda 200cc kart with a 4-stroke engine and hit speeds of up to 60 km/h for your Diamond Coast International Kart Circuit racing experience. Once you finish ten sessions in the Honda (ten minutes each) you’ll graduate to the 100cc 2-stroke Yamaha kart where you can race with the big boys at 110km/h.

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Flight Experience: Land a plane at Kai Tak Airport

Flight Experience is Hong Kong's commercial flight simulator where we can tackle take off and landing at hundreds of airports all over the world.

Highlights include Hong Kong's old airport, the Kai Tak International Airport, that was located in densely built-up Kowloon City. Back in the day when the airport was still in operation, pilots had to receive special training to handle the hair-raising landing where planes had to get very close to residential buildings in their approach to the terminal.

It may be a simulation but landing between Kowloon's flats in Flight Experience's "cockpit" sets our pulses racing all the same.
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