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【Qingdao,China - Beautiful seashore city】

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Qingdao - Shandong Province most attractive city


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Qingdao - 2008 Olympic Games sailing ship competition place

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Very nice. That skyline needs a couple of supertalls though :)
just 100 km far away from my hometown. i lived there for 4 yrs. it's a beautiful and romantic city, and much better than its so-called competitor Dalian.
the pix didnt show its beauty by the way.
^^ Where do you live in china? Yantai? But I think most people would agree that Dalian is a worthy match for Qingdao.
Great pix, beautiful city :eek:kay:
Thanks to the Beijing Olympic 2008, Qingdao has made a significant progress in recent years
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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