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Project Description

The design of the Velodrome will be consistent with all aspects of recently built international Velodromes and will offer Trinidad and Tobago the capacity to attract international cycling track events and the ability to develop the level of the national cycling teams in a controlled indoor environment.

The National Cycle Track will include the following facilities:
• 250 metre x 7 metre wood cycling track with embankment of 42 degrees to the International Cycle Union (UCI) standard Category 1
• 2,500 seats in the cycling track configuration
• Hospitality suite boxes with private seats
• Official /VIP / Media seats
• Concessions outlets (food and beverages, merchandising)
• Ticket booths
• Multipurpose room(s) for event organisers/ referees/judges and other officials
• Massage room for athletes

Early construction, foundations

Recent pics

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