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1 King West's green glass is awful

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What was Stinson thinking? Those green stripes on the top of the building look terrible. It's sort of like toothpaste green. Maybe Crest should put their logo up on the top? The renderings showed a beautiful blue, not the toothpaste green. It makes me wonder if Sapphire (assuming it ever gets built) will become the Emerald Tower. If so, I hope he goes with tennis ball green, it's a step up from toothpaste green.
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Yes it does have a tooth paste look going on, but I think it looks alright.

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It looks OK in that picture. I think it looks worse during sunny days, because it has sort of a washed out look. Now, if those green stripes were glow in the dark, all would be forgiven!
1 King W looks f***ing awesome from dundas square at sunset!
Poor Stinson...every hates his building just because of the green glass. Won't they love him if he had developed this building in Vancouver? :(
I don't mind it because it complements the Canada Trust Tower.

I am disappointed that the building did not look like the rendering, though, since obviously the architect and anyone involved in the design knew what it would really look like, and should have made the renderings according to the design. Instead Stinson sold a design that wasn't going to be realized. For that reason alone I would warn anyone against investing in Sapphire.
^Indeed, I'm very worried about the outcome. The city should halt construction and force him to apply the rendering's blue glass in case we start seeing the "crest" green thing going on.
Supposedly there's going to be signage at the top saying '1 King' or something like that. IMO, no matter what freaking font they use it will look like crap. Might as well just have a big HOTEL sign like at the new Niagara Casino.

What a goof! Stinson talks about Toronto's 'mediocore' architecture and yet he's the one who cheaped out on 1 King. 5 years behind schedule to boot.
Also, that picture blows! Every building looks like crap. It's certainly not a better one of 1 King anyway.
I like 1KW but why does every tower in that pic look so crappy...the weather?
I like it for its slimness. Does look "cheaped out" though.
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I sort of like the colour - a good representation of oxidized copper (see top of commerce court north in picture)

And I do believe a modern mullion/sprandrel-free glass facade would be too pomo for this classic deco inspired building
valantino said:
And I do believe a modern mullion/sprandrel-free glass facade would be too pomo for this classic deco inspired building
Care to explain? Because as I see it this isn't a "deco inspired" building in the least. Where are the elements of a streamlined design? Where are the expensive materials? Where is the stylized decoration?
I like the buildings shape not the facade.
The colour is not that bad... you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill.

It actually blends well with the other buildings around it like the Canada Trust towers and Commerce Court West.
"you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill."

Ah...but that's what we do best. If you were to only know Toronto by what you read here, you would think it must be the worse city ever shat upon the earth.

I agree with KGB

and you guys are all insane by the way!!! its a nice looking building the green glass...whuts so wrong with it it looks better then some other buildings in TO. Why would you be so worried about saphire, there is nothing to worry about, put yourself in his shoes for a sec, i know if i were him i wouldnt care much about whether or not im "cheaping out" on 1 King West cause i have something much bigger and more exiting on my mind...saphire tower, and no way would i cheep out on such a prominent building infact just to show people what im capable off id use expensive briliant blue glass on it, infact id have to be a complete idiot to cheap out on it, but since its stinsen who's the developer and not me he would have to be a complete idiot to cheap out on it, but hes not, hes gotten this far and hes not gonna make a fool of himself by making the tallest skyscraper in canada and putting shit on it for windows (why els would he call it saphire tower unless he actually is planing on and is going to put reflective blue glass on it morons). This building if built will be his pride and joy it will be his largest accomplishement ever it will mean so much to him and anyone with even the smallest sized ego would wanna deck this thing out with beautifull glass and make it look sexy and make anyone who doubted him look like an idiot (if it gets approved and built that is).

I dont know who or what allot of people take him for but if he does cheap out on it then i can say my 4 year old little causin is smarter then him and unless im an idiot myself i highly doubt he is as stupid as a 4 year old. People need to start supporting him in order to get this damned thing built and make him sign a paper saying we have the right to gang beat him with big sticks if he cheaps out!! other then that just support this project.
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I don't think blue glass was ever intended for 1 King...and it would look silly if it were.

Not to say I like the specific colour of the glass or mullions that are there either. It all ends up a bit bland for some reason...the facade kind of blends too much and does't accentuate the contrasts enough. I'm sure they intended to have subtle changes...but I think it is too much so in the end.

I actually like the's of excellent quality...I had a good look at it when they were installing it....has a nice honed or buff look to it...very stone-like (not that you can notice it from far away).

I also like the wrap-around and horozontal banding of the corner windows. The windows running up the sides are totally boring fact, the west side of most of the building is pretty boring.

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