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10,000 more hotel rooms by 2008

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QATAR’S shortage for luxury hotel rooms will be considerably met with the addition of some 9,318 rooms by 2008, QNB said in its latest economic review.

These rooms are coming up at 26 hospitality facilities, either at new hotels or expansion of the existing hotels and sports complexes around the city.

Currently, luxury rooms are in short supply with Qatar’s economy booming and Doha fast emerging as a favourite Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, & Exhibitions (MICE) destination. Qatar’s tourism sector is also flourishing with the setting up of the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and the rapid expansion of national carrier Qatar Airways, both in terms of its fleet and network.

“The availability of luxury rooms at short notice anywhere in Doha is practically impossible these days,” pointed out the marketing manager of a luxury hotel on condition of anonymity.

The average occupancy rate in luxury hotels was close to the “perfect figure” and this was the case in the last six months or so, he said.

However, with peak summer approaching demand might drop a bit in July and August, he said.

A majority of the occupants in Doha hotels are business travellers though their exact share in the total number of visitors is not available. Tourists, sportsmen and exhibition and conference visitors made up the rest.

According to QNB, the highest number of 2,118 rooms was coming up at Bavaria Suites. The new luxury rooms in other hospitality facilities are;

Al Jaidah (496),
Retaj Tower (462),
Dubai Towers (424),
Al Jazeera Tower (369)*,
Qatar Silouette Tower (351),
West Bay Resort (350)*,
Almana Suites (350),
Movenpick Suites and Residence (349)*,
Oasis International (346),
Hilton Doha (320),
Al Maha Sofitel (300),
Barjeel Tower (284),
Rotana (277)?,
Shangri La (272)?,
Renaissance (259),
Ramada Extension (256)*,
Digital Sports (250),
La Cigale (240)*,
Millennium (225)*,
Merweb Corniche (204),
Marriott Courtyard (200),
Le Mirage (186)*,
Al Sharq Village Resort & Spa (160)*,
Golf Course (150)
and Sports City (120)*.

QNB said these facilities would be totally ready by 2008.

the ones with a * indicate what might open during 2006 (that's my assumption part, feel free to correct me if I am wrong)
The ones with a ? help me out!! Thanks
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Im sure this will be good for the tourist business in Qatar and it will raise profits from the tourist industry
Shangri La !! really is there any renders ?
^^^ Its one of towers in the City Center hotels (next to Rotana) opposite the Sheraton.
yup. bus inshalla our tourist industry is family orientated.
^^Yeah I really don't wanna see the vun 5andred in Qatar too
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vun 5andreed 5abeeby.. loooool!
a friend of mine saw one of them in the street, so, he asked her " how much?", she replied " two 5andred". he said, jokingly " no, no, one 5andred only". she shouted "yalla ro5, inta nafar sharmo6ah"!!!!
^^^^Loooooooooool, I would ask her to correct the shar-6a part
lol. I think its in my best interest to be quiet just about now ....
I know what u mean. Dirty girls can carry on
What about the Pearl Hotels? Any idea who will develope them?
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