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10 tallest in N&B (not including church spires and masts and such)

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1. Turning Torso, Malmø, Sweden 190 m

2. Europa Tower, Vilnius, Lithuania, 129m

3. Saules Akmens, Riga, Latvia, 123m

4. Herlev Hospital, Herlev, Denmark, 120m

5. Oslo Plaza, Oslo, Norway, 117m

5. Tornimae Swissotel, Tallinn, Estonia, 117 & 113m

5. Kista Science Tower, Stockholm, Sweden, 117m

8. Panorama Plaza, Riga, Latvia, 114m

9. Pilsotas, Klaipeda, Lithuania, 112m

10. Postgirobygget, Oslo, Norway, 110m

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What about making it a top-100 and making it a sticky thread? That would surely receive some attention.
Nice, and they're all over 100m. Should get one over 200 in our region soon!
Pretty sad list...

NIMBY's and Jante sucks!
Yes, and one list for Scandinavia proper and one for the Baltics.

Great idea and nice pictures, joamox!
Nice presentation of the 10 tallest buildings in N&B; Turning Torso the highest tower in N&B how many floors has?
If i counted correctly 55 floors?
Looks like an 70-80 m building. Aren't there better photos of this building?
Thanks joamox, very nice idea. :) But I see one mistake here for 9th place. That photo is not of Pilsotas, it's of K&D towers in Klaipėda. Pilsotas is taller.
good list :) and yeah, we should make a top 100 list instead! thatd surely be awesome, and we could make it a sticky and update it as new towers get built!

and pic number 10 is great.. makes oslo look like a very big city :D love it.
Proposals that one day might just make it into the list, two of which are under construction

1. KLAIPĖDA | Kuršas | 184m | 46fl | Pro

2. GÄVLE | Svanen | 150 m | 40 floors | PRO

3. ÅRHUS | Light*House | 142m | 46fl | App

4. STOCKHOLM | Tors Torn | 140m | ?fl | Pro

5. RIGA | Z-Towers | 135m | 34fl | U/C

6. Copenhagen l Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel l 130m l 36 fl l App.

7. STAVANGER | WTC | 121m | 34fl | Pro

8. STOCKHOLM | Victoria Tower | 117.47 m | 33fl | U/C

9. OSLO | Krystallklar | 116m | 29fl | Pro

10. COPENHAGEN | The LM Project | 113m | 27 fl | 98m | 24 fl | Pro

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COPENHAGEN | The Escher Tower | 200m | 55 fl | Pro/Vision

Will probably never materialize..
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I thought the Århus one was dead? I would be so happy if it wasnt! :)

Tors Torn was approved but is now appealed.
And there is also:

STOCKHOLM | Gasklockan | 170m | 47fl | Pro


STOCKHOLM | Fyren| 187m | 54fl| Pro

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^^ It looks somewhat bright for Aarhus.

The two Stockholm ones, how realistic are they? Like the Escher tower?? First one looks very good.
^^ It looks somewhat bright for Aarhus.

The two Stockholm ones, how realistic are they? Like the Escher tower?? First one looks very good.
The first one gasklockan is quite realistic, the project is started and it has a lot of support, there will of course be a lot of criticism as it gets further in the planing process, but I have great belief in this one!

The second one Stockholmsfyren hasn't made it to the planing stages yet so we'll see, but that part of Norra Djurgårdstaden hasn't made it to the planing stage* yet either, so that is probably why.
It is not just an architects proposal but a presentation from the city together with an architect and the good thing is that the ones that presented it is still in power after the election.
But we'll see! :) But they are not just crazy visions! ;)


* made it to the planing stages means presented at Sbk to the public.
Isn't there a 200 meter tower planned in Tallinn? Only one real skyscraper currently in the whole region.... :eek:hno:
Till now there is only one pretender to be added to the 4th - 5th places. It's Victoria tower in Stockholm, which is U/C. :)
5. RIGA | Z-Towers | 135m | 34fl | U/C

Um, proposed? They are going to be completed in two year time
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