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110 Bishopsgate | City of London | 202m | 47 fl

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Heron Tower
The City

Height: 246m (202m roof + 44m spire) | Floors: 47 | Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates | Developer: Heron International PLC

Links: Skanska project page with news updates | Mayor Ken Livingstone's comments | Architects' website

  • Following concerns from English Heritage about its impact on St Paul's and other historic views, Heron Tower was put through
    a public inquiry. The inquiry ruled in favour of the developers, and the tower was approved on 22nd July 2002 by the Deputy
    Prime Minister, John Prescott. He agreed with the planning inspector that no significant harm would come to the setting of
    St Paul's cathedral and that some marginal impact on heritage interests was "inevitable with any major development".
    He acknowledged that the tower would be "an elegant, graceful and well proportioned structure" and would contribute to the
    overall supply of office accommodation in the City, as well as boosting the economy.
  • The scheme includes an additional smaller tower of around 149m, immediately adjacent to the main building's north side.
    This is Heron Plaza and will include 250,000 sq ft of retail space.
Current Status:
Under construction! The tower is nearly topped out. For more information see the construction schedule.


Very good news. see,,9064-1877464,00.html

Heron Tower seeks investors
By Jenny Davey

GERALD RONSON is seeking to raise £125 million to help to finance development of his Heron Tower, which he hopes will become the first “six-star” office scheme in London.

CB Richard Ellis, property adviser to Mr Ronson’s Heron Corporation, has circulated a confidential document to a limited number of potential investors with a view to raising 90 per cent of the equity required to fund the near-800ft skyscraper, to be built in the City at Bishopsgate.

According to a report due to appear in Property Week magazine today, Heron hopes to raise £125 million from up to four new partners and will invest about £20 million itself. The balance is likely to be financed through bank loans.

Mr Ronson has already put the Heron Tower project into a Jersey property unit trust, an offshore limited partnership that will own the building. Heron will manage the project and will lead the development.

Stephen Hubbard, deputy chairman of CB Richard Ellis for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said that the move underlined Mr Ronson’s commitment to develop the tower without tenants lined up. Mr Hubbard said that the completed scheme would be worth about £500 million and Heron was keen to spread the risk by bringing in new partners.

Heron Tower will have a concierge, rather than a reception, and travel facilities and top-class catering facilities. The scheme is also intended to be the most environmentally friendly in London.

Construction will begin in summer of 2007 and be completed in 2010. By that time CB Richard Ellis hopes to secure rents for the best office space of £75 per sq ft. The last time rents of more than £70 per sq ft were achieved in the City was 1999.
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in one of the you tube videos posted on here a couple of weeks back by one of the lads who works on heron it was stated that the boom on the highest crane was 50m. So make a reference from the cab of the crane to the current height of the building then add 50m and that should give you the height of the tower crane tip.

Ah yep,there you go:cheers:
downfallen is our very own stig :)
No longer Im afraid. He has passed away
RIP! Darren Bull

this is tragic news very sad indeed..
I can't believe this has happened so soon after the great 'stunt' he achieved on Heron...
RIP chum...
I also make it about 235m.
Goes to show how large 1CS is compared to the City's skyscrapers.
Total shock re Downfallen.God bless mate
Goes to show how large 1CS is compared to the City's skyscrapers.
Well,we all (who are into scrapers) should readily realise that 50 metres is a fair diff between T42 and 1CS
Yes, but those 50 rarely show up and effect the skyline as such ^^
Heron from Shard

From Aldgate

From London Wall

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That last picture sure shows what a whopper it is!
Back in London for Christmas and naturally I had to go see the heron tower[email protected]/

This is probably the first time I've had a good look around in a few months, and it does look very tall. But then again, I was at CW as well and 1CS looked ridiculously big. My perspective must be a bit off from being elsewhere for so long.

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good photos - that step back is really pronounced and will form one hell of an exclusive space once its complete.
Borderboys last pic as really got to be the best position to appreciate the hight of Heron, cant wait to see this view including the spire.
Great pics too Ghost101.
Is it me or is this looking mightily splendid?

When you see the initial designs of some buildings you generally go 'Yeah that would be Amazing' and then something goes terribly wrong but to see this go up and actually become what it should be!

I'm severely impressed!
3 more floors...
I can't belive none of the news papers have mentioned anything about this now being the tallest building in the city, taking T42's crown after all those years
I can't belive none of the news papers have mentioned anything about this now being the tallest building in the city, taking T42's crown after all those years
Most newspapers seem to ignore the existence of any skyscrapers in London with the exception of the "Gherkin" and the Shard.
Considering the load of the crap they DO print,makes me angry.
Heron looking great in the latest photo's
Yeah but Heron, to the average person, is just another skyscraper. Gherkin and the Shard really stand out. Though I guess it IS the tallest in the City. However 99% people outside of London don't know the difference between the City Of London and 'London'. So I personally think the Papers will wait until The spire is on (when it overtakes 1CS).

And BTW thats not a hint to start arguing over the Spire making the official height etc.
Yes I was just about to say....the Heron will no doubt be in the press when the spire goes up.
7141 - 7160 of 11085 Posts
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