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111 Eagle Street-new 50st/195m office tower for Brisbane

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GPT Group is under way with its plans for the $700 million 40 story Riverside 2 office complex. DA is about to be lodged and it is reported in the Financial Review that the building will be built speculatively, due to Brisbane's vacancy rate being only 0.5%.

A rapidly transforming skyline.
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ooohh. Who's building all these offices to put in these towers? :)
This already has a thread and has been known for a while
Fact is they estimate that Brisbane is going to need between 400,000 and 600,000 square metres of office space between now and 2011. That isn’t including companies that are already consolidating space and squeezing people in now. With rents as high as $800 per square metre in many buildings and rents expected to skyrocket in the next few years developers are cashing in big time. Many of the new towers currently approved are already filled. Telstra signed a deal for more than 50,000 square metres in a building that has only just begun construction.

Personally I think that these gigantic rents being paid for Brisbane office space is very bad for our local economy. What company is going to want to relocate from Sydney or particularly Melbourne where rents are cheap to Brisbane where they pay through the nose.

Bring on all these new towers and make it a renters market again – not a developers market.

The article below makes for interesting reading - thanks to Locke. 07' - Savills CBD Office Report.pdf

How many new office towers are proposed for Brisbane?

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This already has a thread and has been known for a while
Yes, but the DA is now about to be lodged and this project will then be rolling. I think this therefore makes the topic eligible as Skyscraper News.
^^There already is a thread in SS news. I'll have a look for it.


Sorry I was wrong. There is no thread in this section. Although it would be good if the thread title could be changed to Riverside Centre II or something similar to make it obvious what the thread is about.
It's on the site at 77 Eagle St, the Indigo building. The new tower will be 40 floors and 60,000 sqm. The architect is Cox Rayner.
Yeah that's right. I'll be interested to know the height!
The Brisbane market is very interesting from a highrise perspective. I was doing a little measurement on Google Earth of the 5 major CBD's in the country and Brisbanes is by far the smallest by area, which is leading to some very impressive density and I assume is also the driving force behind all of this height.
^ Core CBD is pretty small - but there are some chunky buildings being built in South Bank-Milton-Fortitude Valley
driving force behind all of this height.
Yes, but they are still wasting a lot of blocks with low rise pieces of crap.
Details are up:

Height 47 Storeys – 44 levels
RL 183.20m AHD to top of Level 44
RL 190.70m AHD to top of Plant (Level 2)
Total Height: 197.050 metres AHD

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yay, contrasts nicely - i was worried it was jsut going to be a variation of riverside and riparian.
Not bad at all!! Nice height as well. :) Thumbs up from me.
This is almost one of my new favourite projects in Brisbane already!! Great design - somewhat conservative, but modern and classy at the same time. I think it's exactly what should be on this site - and absolutely perfect height, too! I love the way it fits in to lessen the step down between Riparian and Riverside. Just gotta wait for approval now!!
Pretty good design. Fits in well with Riparian and Riverside Plaza. Love the meshy top.
wow, taller then i thought. i guessed it would be half way between riparian and riverside (170m), so 197mRL= 193m above grd
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Doesn't do it for me, well the structure definately does, but not in that location. It doesn't say "riverside II" to me.
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