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1150 Great North Road | Cancelled

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1150 Great North Road - Pt Chev

Details on Auckland Council site - search 1150 Great North Road, Pt Chev

More info here:

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93 Apartments:
o 3 x three/four bedroom walk-up units
o 12 x three bedroom units
o 23 x two bedrooms units
o 33 x one bedroom units
o 22 x studio units
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It's a shame they don't own the corner site (car yard) it would have helped the layout of the complex immeasurably.

if that Car yard develops to the same height as this development then there will be a lot of apartments with horrible internal views.
Design appears to take into account that that site will be developed, internal apartments face into an open central area. All depends on how the neighbouring site is developed as to whether this becomes worse.

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