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1645 Pacific | 20 M | 70 FT | 6 FL | San Francisco | T/O

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1645 Pacific in Nob Hill Releases Glamorous Exterior Rendering

The soon-to-be-completed six-story residential development at 1645 Pacific designed by BAR Architects has revealed its facade in all its rendered glory. The development isn't in line with the bulk of the other new residential developments in construction or already on the market. It's not boxy and there aren't blocks of oddly placed color, a theme that concerns us. This facade has a bit of what we'll describe as architectural sassiness. The building will have 39 residences, including a limited number of penthouses. There will also be three ground-level retail spaces. Pricing hasn't been set, but other new developments in the area (that are selling like hotcakes) are selling for more than $1,000 per square foot.

I know it's been under construction for a while, but this building is special.
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"there aren't blocks of oddly placed color, a theme that concerns us"

I started complaining about that trend when I first noticed it on the early buildings in Mission Bay. But everybody said I was wrong. Glad to get some belated support.
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