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177-197 Front Street East | Proposed | 33 st, 34 st | ??? m | St. Lawrence

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There's no way planning staff are approving this. The massing alone is insane, let alone the height and design.
Hard to believe someone actually looked at this render and said "Looks great! FUND IT!".
GOOD GOD.. :eek:
What a repulsive mess. Looks like a prison camp.
YIKES! My eyes! My eyes!

I've wanted that ugly block to be redeveloped for a long time... but this?!

Note how many units this baby is too. That's easily 4000 people living in this one block!
You guys don't sound very enthusiastic. :tongue4:
That's quite the street apron. :|
Brutal (but also pretty cool in a dystopian sort of way).

Looks like something out of 1970s Hong Kong.
Brutal (but also pretty cool in a dystopian sort of way).
Yep! I like how it's not even attempting to blend in. BAM! :|
I would actually like to see a brutalist building of this scale being built. Would be quite the intimidating sight to behold.
No way this is going to fly. It looks like a concrete bunker you'd see in Russia. I thought we stopped building Commie blocks years ago?
That design might work.... in North Korea! :puke:

... and the design confuses me.... was it to resemble a house of cards.... or something that could shrug off a cruise missile attack?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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